Lucques at the Hollywood Bowl (so long, Patina!)

The Bowl food is now magnificent. We always have table service when we go (in the boxes), but all concessions are from Lucques, too, now. Patina had a couple standout items on their table service menu, but everything we tried last night was outstanding.

They don’t publish the menus (or haven’t, yet), but we had the 18 oz Rib Eye (big enough for 3, maybe even 4) that was as good as the one at Lucques itself. We also ordered the Salmon, which was far better than the Patina version.

But the stand-outs were the salads. OMG, those salads. The Chopped Salad with bulgar wheat, heirloom baby tomatoes, cucumbers, garbanzos and the most incredible citrus dressing, was the winner of the night. The Heirloom Salad with watermelon and goat cheese was also a big hit…

(bill came to $164, there were 4 of us)


are these garden/terrace box selections, or the restaurants at the bowl?

sorry, I haven’t actually had the luxury of garden/terrace box seating yet, so inquiring minds want to know.

As I wrote, Lucques has taken over the concession stands and the terrace and garden boxes.

As a commoner, I sit in the bleachers not the box seats :wink:. and occasionally I’d pre-order a picnic basket if it was a weekday show. The Patina Group used to have 5 options (fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, flat iron steak, salmon, vegan). Lucques cut it down to 3 options (grilled chicken breast, salmon, vegan). Also, Patina’s picnic baskets were for two people and Lucques sells them per person so if you’re there alone you can get a picnic basket and drink your bottle of wine through a straw. (cue sad panda). I was just there on Sunday but we brought our own picnic so didn’t get to try the new food.


you mean “(like a boss)”.

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Story and Photos of new food from


WesSabi, not necessary anymore for the picnic basket with all the options scattered throughout the venue, including food trucks. Everything we tried was truly great - an 11, indeed.

I was at The Cure concert (BTW great set by Robert and the lads, with tons of encores!). Anyways, my friend said the service was even slower than when Patina was doing business.

I usually eat before (AND/or after) the concert elsewhere anyways.


Yes a super great show, forgot to mention that part of it. 3 encores last night, truly a memorable night.

Our service was actually quicker than Patina, and food arrived hot, not cold. Nicer set up, too.

I heard the Bowl was enforcing a “hard curfew” of 11PM last night (I was at the Monday night concert, not yesterday; no curfew imposed, with 5 encores IIRC), so maybe less encores last night?

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No, they just combined all the songs in the encores into 3 sets.

sounds great! I’m glad they’ve replaced the Patina food and wine. I usually picnic (bring my own food), but the new food options sound really good! I’d love to hear how the food from the stands and trucks are when somebody has the chance to try them. I’ve got tickets for a couple of shows during the summer and it would be great to eat Lucques food and not to have to schlep mine. The Bowl is one of my favorite things about summer in LA!!!

Hard curfew for Robert and the lads, or food service? Or both?

Neighborhood council / City Ordinance, from what I could gather…

Ah, I see.

Must be NIMBY § 2.31(a)(3)(D)

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Ja wohl, mein herr ipse…

We went first two nights, first night’s set was the best (especially if you are a huge Disintegration fan). They have performed their best ever since 2000. My after show dinner was at Dan Tanna’s with friends. Second night pretty good set but less intriguing encores (except for the one with Snakepit), and Aburiya Raku was a god send. Skipped night three, disappointing set from what I saw, a perfect choice to spend on good food instead!

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… which I am. (Shoulda gone the first night). My food pre-concert venue on Monday night: Best Fish Taco in Ensenada.

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so the cure is the new grateful dead, now?

Who 's that?


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