Lucques at the Hollywood Bowl (so long, Patina!)

quite possibly the most overrated thing ever on hashem’s green earth.

Third Base.

you mean THESE guys:

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No, Who’s on first…

yeah but then hendrix closed the show…

On lease events (all events, actually), there’s a hard curfew set by the city, and a $10,000/minute fine if they go over.

I look forward to this summer and how this thread may grow as everyone eats their way through the Bowl. I go back in a few weeks, and have tix to about 7 shows this year, will report myself if anyone is interested. I’m going to try the rotisserie chicken next time, and can’t wait for that chopped salad again.


For Supper in Your Seat, do they provide tablecloths and wine glasses if you bring your own wine in the boxes?

Anyone know?

Yes they provide the cloths and wine glasses if you’ve ordered through them for food service

Was at the Bowl last night for Ziggy and pre-ordered from Lucques. We had the BBQ and the Mediteranian. Both were fantastic and generous portions. The BBQ was terrific with fried chicken, pork ribs and brisket. So much better than Patina and better than the picnic boxes we usually get from the Grill. Really a treat.