Lucques bread -- recipe?

Hello. Had a lovely dinner at Lucques over the weekend, and I thought their (free) bread was wonderful. I assume it’s baked in-house (or, at least, is a Goin recipe). Does anyone know if the recipe for the bread exists anywhere? A web search didn’t turn up anything.

Drat! They hired a baker to supply their restaurants and his bread was so good, they grew the business. Now they are going national.

Here’s where you can buy the bread in LA.

Why the drat? Do you worry that expansion will result in a decrease in quality?

Looked about Nathan, trying to see if I could find the recipe. No luck yet. I’m totally fine w/ buying it, but, since I like to bake artisanal-type loaves, I was hoping to find his recipe. The Tartine one has never worked out for me, the Forkish one is too unpredictable. The King Arthur ones are fairly consistent (I’m going to try the extra-tangy recipe next) but don’t quite have the flavor and the openness in crumb structure that I’m looking for.

I am sure they will maintain the quality - it’s what they do : )
Nope, the drat is that, odds are as it’s the baker’s recipe(s) odds are they will not be publishing them.

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Oh, that IS a drat! Argh.

I think I may try the Tartine recipe again but adjust the water temp. Using the recipe’s water temp provide results in an exceedingly slack dough that seems totally worn out by the bake. I also think I’ll do the fermentation in the fridge. My starter seems to like the cooler temps… Will post results!

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Maybe worth checking Sunday Suppers at Lucques. The book they did. I’ve heard it’s pretty great but don’t have it myself.

Couldn’t hurt emailing and asking :slight_smile: a little flattery always helps