Lunch and dinner in Malibu/Topanga

will be in Malibu/Topanga mid afternoon till late evening…any contemporary recs for lunch and or dinner? No sushi or Indian

Saddle Peak Lodge for happy hour/dinner. Taverna Tony for lunch on the Patio. Nobu for pricey sushi with a view.

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Another vote for the wonderful game meats at Saddle Peak Lodge. The do not do lunch, only Sunday Brunch.

thanks Bob Brooks and wienermobile… not a fan of game meats…i opted for the Malibu Country Mart and got an excellent panini and a side of pestp pasta…i happily avoided what looked like many great desserts!

Really enjoyed hanging out at Tony’s Taverna again knocking back Ouzos and listening to them play music while munching on Marithes. Kid had lots of fun too


Happy to report that the management change at Taverna Tony doesn’t mean a drop in quality. The place even looks cleaner and the bathroom remodel went well.

Their roasted Lamb is really great, done in parchment paper . I seem to always want the moussaka though.

it’s the perfect place after a day of being pounded by the pacific waves