Lunch at Kato - Anyone try it?

Kato is doing lunch this week from 11am-2pm. Looks like they have a handful of dishes:

Tomato Egg Rice
Fish Cutlet
Spicy Eggplant
Noodles Scallion Oil
Noodles Sesame

Wondering if it’s worth trying. Got that fried chicken sandwich at one of their previous lunches. Divine.


Hello yeah tomato egg!!!

Is that the full menu? Meaning no fried chicken sandwich this time?

That’s all that was posted on their Instagram.

I finally went last week. Had the scallion oil noodles, fish cutlet and the tomato egg rice. The scallion oil noodles were the best of the bunch and only cost $7 + $1 to add an egg. The dish was almost too pretty to eat. It was so good that I returned a few days later to get it again.



The fish cutlet ($10) was good too. A decent sized piece of fried fish with rice and cucumbers.


The tomato egg rice ($8) wasn’t as good as the other two, even with the addition of bacon ($2).


Will go back to try the eggplant and the sesame noodles.

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That’s like the Taiwanese version of Shakshouka.

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So the egg is cooked in/on the noodles not cooked separately and added?

The egg is cooked separately. I like the idea of a Taiwanese Shashouka though!

Kato launches a new menu today - including that fried chicken sandwich and beef noodle soup! Lunch hours are 12pm-2pm Tue-Fri.

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Wait. Did I miss the scallion oil noodles already?
Say it ain’t so!


Scallion noodles are gone. Tried the beef noodle soup which was sadly lacking in the meat department (as in there wasn’t any). Should have stuck with the chicken sandwich.

Fried chicken sandwich was fantastic. It’s served on a steamed bun now and smaller so you can combine it with other stuff. The slaw is exceptional, with notes of what tasted like fennel. The sauce added a welcome hint of spice. The chicken itself was piping hot and perfectly fried. Highly recommended!


Sad to hear the beef noodle soup was so disappointing. I was totally eyeballing that for my next visit. I’ll probably try the lu ruo fan instead – plus a fried chicken sandwich of course.

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I had the Lu Ruo Fan last week. The egg wasn’t fried. It was soft boiled and refrigerator-cold. Bit of a disappointment.

What? The egg wasn’t fried? I had a glorious image of a soft-cooked egg oozing all over the lu ruo fan. Guess I’ll add on that chicken sandwich instead.

Was the egg at least preserved/pickled?

Yes, it was. But way too cold.

image image


I do wish they’d do a large format fried chicken sandwich. It is really juicy and fantastic

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The dan dan is with wagyu btw and the mala is on the light side (which i’m fine with)

Chicken bao had quite a bite to it. I wonder if that yellow stuff is a habanero sauce. Whatever blows away the chicken bao at bauhaus

I went there yesterday and had the chicken bao too. It was fantastic. I keep hoping they bring that chicken sandwich back (and the scallion noodles too).

Apparently the beef noodle soup won’t always have the beef with it. Someone else ordered it yesterday and was quite dismayed to see that there was an egg instead. He asked if they had run out of beef and was told that they were just doing it with an egg that day. If you’re planning to order the beef noodle soup, ask if there will be beef.

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That’s so “Juan Likes Rice & Chicken” of Chef Jon Yao…

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