Lunch near the Bellflower Courthouse

Any recommendations for a quick lunch near the Courthouse? Walking distance preferred.

Old thread on CH recommended Toko Rame Indonesian, any intel? Recommended dishes?

There’s really not much on Woodruff on that side of town. You’re better off one main street over on Bellflower Blvd. Fronk’s and Johnny Reb’s have turned into gastropub-like environments, and Hambone’s serves up some decent BBQ. I really enjoy Marino’s for their family-style Italian offerings and their unlimited milestone and salad and bread. Bell Ko has decent AYCE KBBQ and Bell Hana has some decent AYCE sushi. Skip Camilla Cafe…not very good at all. Taco Nazo on Alondra makes some fine fish tacos and has great seafood cocktails…and the al pastor nachos is something I eat when I really need the carbs.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions but with an almost 2 hr lunch break I wound up heading home to get work done. Will file away for when I am back there next.