Lunch Specials - What's for Lunch?

It’s only 12 minutes away from me!

What’s the lunch dress code?

Come as you are

Easy for a guy to say. What do you wear to lunch?

@PorkyBelly a reminder that I woefully live and work not in the right part of town.


Park BBQ lunch special is only 11.99 comes with full banchan, soup, bbq meat, a ton of stuff.

Salt’s Cure Bacon Cheeseburger is only 7 bucks, go with a buddy and split fries and you’re walking out with lunch for about 12 bucks.

Raku Bento Box is like 28 bucks great deal.

Need more suggestions in the Hollywood area please!


I usually wear my buffet pants so i can order OOE.


sushi of gari: 7 piece + roll $25

Shamshiri lunches are huge and a fantastic bargain. There is so much food at lunch (I leave stuffed and I’m a big eater) that the extra cost for one additional skewer at dinner is a waste of money to me.


Those are excellent lunch recommendations! Thank you.

Going here tomorrow. Do we need reservations for lunch?

no, but i usually make one and request to be seated in front of shunji-san.

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Sushi Tsujita on Sawtelle offers a $18 lunch special Bara-Chirashi, served with soup. They make only 15 of these boxes for each lunchtime service.


Great suggestion. While it varies per day, for anyone wanting to get this deal, we once showed up at Sushi Tsujita around 11:45 a.m. or so, and the table next to us was just ordering, asking about the $18 lunch special, and it was already all gone by then.


Jinpachi in weho- chirachi bowl lunch special. how i miss working driving distance to that area… now my go to spot is Joe’s Falafel. Speaking of falafel if you’re in the hollywood area, try Ta-eem grill. Still my favorite falafel.

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RoRo’s, Al-Wazir, and Zankou

The Carving Board

Oaks Gourmet

California Chicken

Siam Sunset

Mashti Malone’s afterwards if you have time

Also in hwood-

Mamcita - Ricardo zarates fast casual concept

800 degrees POTD FTW!

do those places actually have special lunch specials?.. Or are you saying they’re just good lunch spots in Hollywood…because pretty sure some of those don’t

I also hit up sushi tsjuita for the lunch chirashi around 11:30 and they were gone already too!
I think you literally have to line up at opening to get one.


Siam Sunset and the middle eastern chicken places you can get lunch for around $10.

Any of the Korean Bone Soup places in KTown around Western is a good deal. Usually near or at $10, plus rice and banchan.

KazuNori has no lunch special pricing per se, but they do offer a fast, chow-worthy meal for situations where time is the limiting resource.