Lunch suggestions for Palos Verdes or nearby

I’d greatly appreciate recommendations for weekend lunch in or near Palos Verdes. Water views are a very strong plus, however, we’re especially seeking a place that is not too loud or involves much walking as we are taking an 88 year old. All cuisines are welcome. Thanks so much!

Your best bet is either Nelson’s (casual) at the Terranea, or Cafe Pacific (fancier) at the Trump Golf Course.

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@ipsedixit is right. Nelson’s is a good spot.

Thanks so much for the replies. Those are the two places we most often take her and were hoping for something new/different. We are willing to drive some if that helps (we’re already driving from Porter Ranch for the visit). I just don’t know the area very well and haven’t successful in researching/finding inspiration. Thanks again for the always wise advice!

The Admiral Risty does brunch on Sundays. Excellent water views, and I like the food, though the QPR could be better.

It probably would have helped if you had mentioned that you frequent both Nelsons and Cafe Pacific. I find that specifics really help attain the answers you’re looking for on this board.

Well, if you’re coming from up north (Porter Ranch), how about something in Manhattan Beach?

If so, then consider the Strand House.


strand house= parking hell (imho)

these days if i’m going to the strand house i use lyft.

navigating those hills with an elderly person seems especially hazardous.

Catalina Kitchen at Terreanea has weekend brunch which is nice.

Thanks again for all of the input which will be helpful for future visits. We ended up at Swan Thai which is nearly adjacent to Admiral Risty. It was her choice and provided decent Thai food (for the few items we picked) with the ability to sit outside, see the ocean and visit for a leisurely and pleasant lunch.