Lunch Tomorrow in Pasadena

Have to drive from westside to 300 N. Lake. Any suggestions for solo lunch on my return? Good fast-food, Chinese combo, etc? Completely unfamiliar with the territory.

Alternative might be to hit Dino’s on my return…


I always wanted to try Euro Pane’s Egg Salad Sandwich maybe bang it up with Cluck2Go’s Hainan Chicken Rice


+1 for EuroPane. I don’t even like egg salad, but that egg salad on their cranberry bread is divine. I come to Pasadena once a year to have it and bring salted caramel macarons home.


I love china red in Arcadia. Jade Wok off 110 and Good Girl Dinette also on my list. Good luck and try to report!

Good Mexican at Tonny’s (Lake & Orange Grove).

Bookmarked! Any chance you’ve tried Savoy Kitchen’s bird in Alhambra?

As do I, but from Lake Ave (where the OP will be) it’s quite a schlep, if not a total detour.

From your location (in/around 300 N Lake), consider Braise & Crumble, Malbec and the aforementioned Euro Pane.

I’d suggest:

Fishwives was pretty good when I last went, the raw bar selection and fried pickles would be a nice fresh lunch. AND I noticed a new xiaolongbao place a bit south of it, with asian people wrapping them in the window! Could be promising.

Also can’t go wrong w/ a sandwich from Roma on Lake. Wait— not “a sandwich”, THE sandwich. And lots of other goodies to pick up in the little bodega as well.

Otherwise there’s Cafe Fiore, they make their own bread and it’s such a nice spot for lunch.

Twohey’s: grab a stinko burger and the bittersweet chocolate sundae before they move permanently.

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5 blocks north of 300 Lake, there is Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles.

At the Gold Line Station in Pasadena, there is Sushi Kimagure Ike.

And, since you hardly ever drive out that way, at near the top of Lake Ave. sits the Temple of Leo Bulgarini. Get thee some divine gelato. A detour of the worthiest kind…


a little late to the party, but you might as well continue up lake ave to altadena drive and get gelato at bulgarini’s.

there’s cluck2go, q q kopitam, take some armenian baked goodies home from old sasoun/sasoon on allen north of the 210. the steak sandwich special at connal’s? and of course, the sandwich at roma’s deli on lake ave.


Of course I had Savoy lol what AzN hasn’t? I do like Cluck2Go’s HCR better. I think it is currently my favorite for Singapore style (Thai would be LAX-C Counter, best damn Khao Man Gai sauce). But I do like eating inside on a hot day at Savoy gobbling down a few cups of Lemon Ice Tea piercing the hell out of the lemons with my straw!

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Does Malbec differ significantly from Ushuaia?

Agree w/ everyone who has suggested Europane and Bulgarini.

The only thing I’d caution about Bulgarini is that the posted hours are more like suggestions. I went there once an hour and a half after open and Leo still wasn’t there. Call ahead before making the drive up.

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Has anyone been to The Arbour in Pasadena?

They are at 527 South Lake Avenue.

It seems like it might be excellent, and they do lunch!

Slight detour, Wax Paper Co.

The Italian Sandwich is damn good.


Thank you all for the admittedly last-minute suggestions. Unfortunately, I was so stressed by my task (health insurance being terminated) that I just high-tailed home.

I hope it turned out okay!


Have not been. Looks expensive.

Ushuaia has changed its name to Malbec.