Luv2eat Thai Bistro

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything above a “3” at Jitlada…

We’re usually at 6 or 7. I once got the dry pork rib curry at 9 and well, this is how I described it to friends on Facebook:

"yves montand and company drove two trucks loaded with this over a mountain in 1953. you could start and end wars with this thing. this is what rottweilers are dreaming of when they whimper in their sleep.

i am a cheap and greedy bastard who leaves nothing behind in restaurants and i left all the sauce behind, as well as most of the veg, which seemed harmless but in reality were a dastardly death delivery mechanism. even the missus, whose heat tolerance is second only to my father’s in my extensive frame of reference, was reduced to gibbering and sobbing. and no, the platter of chilled veg. they served alongside to tame the heat did nothing of the sort. i think this is the chef’s way of mocking his customers. i had to deploy 750 ml of cold lager in about 3 minutes and still had only 30% of my tongue not covered in blisters. if it weren’t for the dressing for the crab salad i would not be here today to post these images; i would be running down sunset blvd. in rags, covered in feces (my own), raving about the end of days."


Hi @MyAnnoyingOpinions,

LOL! Awesome description! :laughing:

I feel your pain. My visits to Jitlada were all I think the same as @paranoidgarliclover: 3 or 4 (once).

We were sweating bullets on those spicy dishes!

Y’all have convinced to me to declare utter “farang-ness” on my next trip to Luv2Eat.

The above was re Jitlada.

And so is this warning I gave on my blog to the unwary in re a fish curry at 8:

By the way, the food at Jitlada can get unfeasibly hot. You can theoretically ask for the heat to be turned up to level 10, but I wouldn’t advise it; I once had one dish–a fish curry–at level 8 and when the first spoon hit my tongue I saw things that would make the Revelation of St. John the Divine seem like a doll’s tea party. Unless you have a very high heat tolerance, even at level 5 you’ll be sweating and panting like a slightly corpulent racehorse coming around the first bend at the Kentucky Derby. I don’t actually know if there are any bends at the Kentucky Derby–shurely there must be.

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Thai people typically only use chopsticks to eat… Chinese food lol!

Doesn’t mean you can’t use chopsticks, more power to you. I’m not one to say someone should eat something with a specific utensil because as long as it gets to the mouth its all good.

When people demand to eat Asian food with chopsticks (and its never Asian people ironically) they are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.


Damn, this place is good.

Jade noodles were great. Not very similar to Sapp’s, almost a different dish. Thai-Chinese fusion?

Fish curry was super. We got halfway between medium and hot, good level for me, within my comfort zone. I’ll give the hot a try when I’m there by myself.

Pork rib kua kling, no sator as my friend lived in Thailand and didn’t acquire a taste for it. Great dish. Is it originally Indonesian? We both thought we’d tasted it before.

You know this place is legit by all the old Thais eating there.


They recently added a few new things to the menu. Notably moo ping ( a type of sweet grilled pork) and a nam tok dish with choice of sliced grilled pork or beef.

The nam tok is great as its a good balance of crunchy rice powder, cooling mint, and the raw onions don’t have too much of a bite. Great rendition of an Isaan classic.


S2. Phuket-style fish curry kanomjean, hot. Great, deep flavor, exciting. Maybe I prefer Luv2Eat to Jitlada. Further research is required. I think this had those tamarind shoots. If this is their top level of heat, Jitlada outdoes them on that score.

No. 32 yen ta fo, good and new to me, but a little sweet for my taste.


Good god man, how can your body tolerate that?? :open_mouth:

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Pink noodles!!

I think it’s about building up tolerance.

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I agree. I ordered that same curry “Thai spicy” and it has a pleasant heat, but I didn’t need to take a drink while eating it or anything.

It is. One also has to stay in “spicy food shape.” Training.

Check out the new Luv2Eat late night sibling in Hollwood - Crying Tiger Thai.

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going now and cant decide what to eat… arg

Random closure until Feb 7.

Don’t come until then

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I researched some Phuket dishes and I am going to see if Fern/Pla will make it by request/off menu.

I think Shrimp and Stink Beans is probably my best bet.

Ya im over the crab curry here and prefer Noree with the lump crab, though it’s not hot enough there. Good burn last night though


their new item is Shrimp and Wonton noodle soup… it’s good. it’s also unnecessarily spicy… i swear this place is just trying to stand out by fuckin with people. get mild and have a good time… get medium and taste half of it.

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