luv2eat thai fried chicken -or- god, is there NOTHING else around here?

I will lay the gauntlet down. Anything less than 1 mile.

(1 mile or 20 minutes) * (temperature in F/75)

Sounds reasonable. for the record, the night in question was 50 degrees. WAY too cold for more than a blcok or two.

Luv2Eat kills it with their curries, I just wish they’d serve with more proteins. Panang w/ crispy pork is so awesome, I rank it higher than their zeed and jade noodles which are also excellent. Their fish curry wrecked me psychologically and physically (mindblowingly good and spicy, it’s served default insanely spicy).

RoRo’s is solid, birds are generally moister than Zankou in my experience and its all decently priced.

Pokinometry is delicious and probably the best values in that area. Jinya Express isn’t too bad but go in knowing its fast casual ramen.

Head west on Sunset and there’s Chic-fil-a and In-n-Out. Keep heading west till and at La Brea and you have Taco’s El Gavillan (I hear this location sucks), Berri’s kitchen (brick oven pizza, looks promising) and Soy Sauce (not bad depending on what you get, spicy pork plate is a personal favorite and a great value).

If you head further south on La Brea & Santa Monica at the Target plaza there’s a crawfish joint and a Mendocino Farms.

Stick with al pastor sopes and their awesome pineapple drink. Their tacos aren’t the best but ton of meat and 4 + medium drink for $6 = win.

IMO the sopes are legitimately good, the tacos are sustenance but will scratch the itch if necessary. Good salsa bar.

Get the carne Asada at your own risk. Don’t say Ns1 didn’t warn ya.

However TEG is definitely a long walk from Egyptian theater