M. Georgina

New restaurant at row dtla from chef melissa perello of octavia and frances opens tuesday.

M. Georgina
777 Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90021


prices look very reasonable for that quality and creativity

Whoa nice. I work in downtown Tuesday. Anyone planning on going opening night?

Might try for Saturday.

Friends and family this weekend. Pleasantly surprised. Satisfying, well executed, a number of delicious things.

Kusshi - seasoned with some sort of gelatinized mignonette cube thingy. a few were sloppily shucked, but otherwise really good.

Surf Clam Diavolo - a deviled clam almost a rhode island stuffie. simple, satisfying, definitely better than the ones at Connie and Ted’s. loved these.

Kanpachi Tartare - needed more lime leaf, but bites with enough were special.

Tete de Cochon - deconstructed, almost a salad of shaved head cheese (and maybe some ear). quite good.

Crudites - simple, loved it, but not a ton going on.

Squid Ink Pita - tiny black pitas on a schmear of aioli. prob the most polarizing dish at our table, though some were super into it. for anchovy toast people.

House Levain - prefer to any Tartine bread. reminiscent of the dearly departed bread service at Mission Chinese nyc.

Chicories - bracing, very olivey. might work in the context of a meal but not on its own no.

Semolina Mafaldine - only true miss of the night. fine, not terrible, but eggplant and tomato blended together and nothing really popped. needed a cured meat or something stronger in there.

Black Cod - absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked. Simple, rich, satisfying.

Saag - comforting but a little underspiced.

Coal Potato - fun, good value, needed a little more pancetta.

Desserts - blanking on a few, most were quite good. sourdough ice cream was fire!

Really liked M. Georgina, though friends and family is tricky. Was randomly invited, but maybe there’s some unconscious bias: hard to be critical of a free meal.

With that said, the food was really well executed, and it’s stealthily more creative than it reads.


Thanks for the early thoughts @ShadrackToussaint!

Excited about that sourdough ice cream, a great nod to San Francisco.

Reminds me of the buckwheat ice cream at Soba Ichi.