Madeo - what to order

Having dinner at Madeo. Have not been in quite some time. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

Glad you asked.

Eggplant parmigiana, or the bresaola salad to start, or rather both. A couple of meatballs (though this one ain’t mandatory).

Veal Milanese on the bone for your dope fucking entree.

Pizza Margherita or one of the thin-crust pizzas to share.

Cheese and Olives (they sometimes charge but since you’re odering your good).

white chocolate tiramisu is mandatory but their napoleon, er mille feiulle is quite beyond incomporable.

And to drink, well, you know…

Thank you. Dont often eat veal on principal, but may make my annual exception. Looking forward to it. They only had a table in the front. My understanding is that is like a table in the back at Tana’s but, will have to shelve snobbery - at lest until we see if my buddy’s connection can get us in the main room. Thanks again.

I know exactly what you’re saying.

Yeah, you kind of want the room to the left of the bar, rather than the right of the bar when you walk in down the stairs.

The veal chop Milanese is superb though subtle. Truly the best dish on their menu. And that fucking margherita pizza is beyond great.

tiramisu is the best in town, sort of.

Hard to go wrong but I think they have the best spaghetti bottarga in town.
If they have the table carved roasted veal I would get that over the Milanese

A good friend raved about the spaghetti bottarga. He suggested is as an app.

I get bottarga all the time at piccolo paradise – sort of off the menu but they usually can do — excellent there as well. U may be in that hood thor?

I am but have never been. Will give it a go! Thanks.

Nice spot. They don’t always have the bottarga. But they have loads of good things.

Bittarga was ok. Other joints do it better. Though the one at Madeo they say is tops.

They do carve to order for the roasted veal. But I’ve never been a fan.

I really like the fucking Milanese.

Breasaola is fucking dope.

Shit. Now I’m really getting fucking hungry.

It’s like Tanas but with gourmet grub.

We shared the bottarga. It was outstanding. The margarita pizza was good, not as good as Sotto. Did the carved veal. It came carved. Not at the table. Was expensive. Like $90. Did not ask when I ordered. Tab for four with two drinks eac and wives splitting the sole was $690 with tip. Ouch!

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Less than shunji means id rather go there. Has no idea so pricy. Even more than tanas. Sounds delish nevertheless.

It’s been over 30 years but they made a pasta with an artichoke cream sauce that I still think about!

Very good, but not close to Chi Spacca and to me too pricy for what it is.

It’s very pdicey. And yet I still fucking like it.

Good to try something new

Not complaining, well a little. But it was good.