Make some ricotta, it's rewarding

dis from last night with raw honey

Take 1 gallon of milk, add 2 cups of half and half.
Slowly heat up to 187 degrees. Should take almost an hour. As it reaches this temp (just before starting a boil) add a 1/3 cup of lemon juice or white vinegar. Stir. If not curdling after 10 seconds bring up the heat and it’ll curdle. Give it a good mix, turn off heat and allow to cool slowly.

Toss in strainer and think of me

(yes, by strict definition this is more in the farmer’s cheese category as i didn’t use the leftovers from mozzarella making)


I’m pretty sure that in Italy whole-milk ricotta is far more common than whey ricotta.

A friend says Meyer lemon is nice.

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yea i usually use lemon… meyer when i can get it.

i’ve tried to make whey ricotta once… from 2 gallons… still waaaaay too dry. glad you said that about whole-milk ricotta.

Anyone ever make ricotta cheese cake from homemade ricotta? My husband has always wanted to try.

Homemade or commercial, Americans often find ricotta cheesecake too dry compared with the more familiar cream cheese version.

Husband is no fan of cream cheese or cheesecake, but he does like to make things like ricotta and makes our yogurt supply bi-weekly.

If there is a recipe anyone has, love to try it!

It’s quite simple. You can use vinegar instead of lemon juice.

I meant recipe for a cheesecake made using homemade ricotta.

These look like typical Italian recipes adapted for American measurements:

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We make tarts out of it all the time, but not cheese cakes. Last month I added much more half and half to the ricotta so it came out way richer.


What’s the difference between a ricotta tart and a ricotta cheesecake?

i guess the height and the crust style.

I don’t believe there’s any such distinction in Italian, it’s always torta di ricotta. I think all the ones I’ve had had a pâte sucrée crust.

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ok so it’s a cheesecake then. cool. i like how tart sounds.

speaking of which, the cheesecakes at La Vina are riiiiiiidiculous in San Seba

Did they give you the DVD with the recipe?

no, they were so mobbed the 3 times we stopped in… but were super sweet.

There are lots of copies of the recipe online.

nice thanks… my girl was guessing there are alot of eggs there, as it sets up super softly… i think we had it 3 times… it was absolutely mobbed on our last visit, like 3 -4 rows back… and we somehow ended up scoring the table right by the bar by the entrance… heavenly. sidras and txakolis for days… sidra with their chorizo made with sidra was incredible together.

When we went to La Viña, the front room was often packed, but the dining room was never full.

Right… on Saturday we were ready for the dining room but even that was ‘complete’… their omelets with mushrooms dude… omg.