Malaysia Food fest, Oct 20 & 21 - Chinatown

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been to at least one of these before (probably not the same organizers). This is from the Malaysian Noodle Festival in 2011, which was held on a traffic island just south of Chelsea Market, a truly terrible location.


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Yikes, that tiny little spot. Hopefully this event is better operated, appears to be organized by the Malaysian govt.

Did anyone go? I used to live in Malaysia and love Malaysian food, although it’s tough for someone on a strict low-carb diet. It’s also been really hard to find truly good Malaysian food in New York. When I visited London in 2010, I went to a place called, I think, Rasa Sayang in Soho, and their food tasted like real stall food in Malaysia - among other things, not stinting on the chilis! I’ve never had that experience in New York, although I used to like a place in Elmhurst before the chef went back to Malaysia, and there was also a place that used to be on Allen by Canal that was good and ironically deteriorated terribly when it moved to Flushing. All that was many years ago. More recently, I’ve been to the place on 8th St. run by the former owner of Laut, and it’s pretty decent, but none of this has excited me as much as that one meal in London, other than eating in Malaysia.

I haven’t found any good Malaysian restaurants either. Fortunately I have friend in Flushing who makes some killer “Ban Chang” kuih.

Oooh, I’m getting hungry just looking at those pictures!

By the way, I just remembered the one time I had real, genuinely spicy Malay (and I use the word advisedly) food in New York: When a chef from Johor was featured at the U.N. Delegates’ cafeteria. I still remember the wonderful jackfruit curry he made. I haven’t been to Johor and don’t know their regional cuisine well, but I was impressed. Now, if I could only get some Kelantanese ayam percik somewhere…

I recollect reading about the public being able to access the local cafeteria of the Indonesian and Malaysian consulate in New York for some excellent food.

Ayam Percik, one of my all time favorite dishes!

Option in Philly

I haven’t been to Philly for years. I’ll try to keep it in mind if I get down there any time soon.

Have you tried Kopitiam? I just made my second visit there for lunch today and had the fish ball soup, which was pretty good, but not as good as the oyster omelette I had on my first visit. Can’t speak to how much it will put you in mind of Malaysian food in Malaysia, since I’ve never been, but it’s a nice place.


No, I haven’t tried it.

That’s good to hear.

I had a disappointing food and service experience shortly after they re-opened in their current location. Have been meaning to revisit to see if things have improved.

There are a few more things I want to try, which at my current pace of returning to previously visited restaurants should take me a couple of years. If anyone cares to weigh in on the pan mee or the otak otak, those are at the top of the list.

What was wrong with the service? You order, they bring you the food.

I ordered and paid, they didn’t bring me the food, misplaced the order when I went back to check on my order. They had to figure out what I ordered; had to reorder and then items were still missing before they finally got it right. And I only ordered 3 items…

Good lord. I think whatever the problem was, they fixed it. The place was 3/4 full when I went today, and no one looked impatient or unhappy.

It was likely opening week blues, will report back after my next visit. The pan mee and otak^2 are top on my list too.

On an unrelated note, have you dined at Atlas Kitchen?

No, but I JUST WALKED BY IT YESTERDAY on my way to St. John the Divine, after two slices at Mama’s Too, so I wasn’t in the market for any more food. It was hopping.

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Thanks for posting this!

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