Manzke (New tasting menu only restaurant from the Republique family)

Just got the email that the new tasting menu only restaurant from the Republique crew is opening March 9th above Bicyclette.

Anyone that’s been to Bicyclette has probably seen the upstairs fully furnished and kitchen ready. They were due to open for quite awhile but staffing issues.

Curious how similar it is to the tasting menu Republique was doing in their table aclove before Covid.


Are reservations available?

they sent out an email to their email sign up list for a reservation for soft opening.

I believe reservations officially open on 3/9

At first I was excited to try. Then I thought about a bit and decided I would let them figure things out before I spend my $ there. It is not like they are giving me a discount while they are releasing their beta version even if the email makes it sound like its a great perk for me.

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I walk into most soft opens expecting the beta version. It tempers my expectations.


Fair point, but $195/per person tempers my enthusiasm.


That is why we all appreciate your amazing reporting!


Walter has been testing out tasting menu dishes for awhile now at Republique so I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit the ground running. Got to try a couple inventions last week - no clue if they’ll hit the menu for Manzke but they were great - really creative use of the veggie bounty of LA (to go with seafood)

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That’s great to hear. It is not the kitchen I worry about in new restaurants, its the service. In the tasting menu format you have to get the timing just right. Really looking forward to going there in a few months.

yeah that I agree with. I know they’ve had issues with staffing up the restaurant, hence why it took so long to open, so hopefully the staff is well prepared.

did you end up getting your rsvp?

yah - i misread the email so I thought it opens starting 3/9. So I picked 3/11. HA.

But when I found it it opened this week, all my friends already ok’d 3/11 so stuck with it.