March 2019 Weekend Rundown


Happy eating! This year is just speeding along.


Mariscos El Bigoton
The truck was close to where I was so I decided to hop over for lunch with a friend. We got our order to go. We split the Pastelaso El Guero, a shrimp taco, a fish taco, and each got a dorado.
The dorado we had there before leaving…piping hot, it was delicious! Great seasoned shrimp in an ultra-crispy shell. I could have been happy with a half dozen of those alone.

The regular fish and shrimp tacos were good, but we agreed that we’d rather have the dorado.
The Pastelaso…that was amazing! The seafood was so fresh and paired so well with the salsa negra. I loved the slow and gentle heat in the salsa negra…with a squeeze of lime, there was no need to add the plethora of hot sauces they have available for you to add. The traditional Sinaloan hot sauce is no joke…that heat is for real. We were stuffed and still had leftover pastelaso…that’s going to be a good snack later. Thanks to @Sgee, @TheCookie, and everyone else who have shared their Mariscos El Bigoton with FTC.


Oh yay! So glad you liked it. Yeah, the salsa negra is something else. I’m glad I nudged you. @moonboy403, you’re next.


I must try the dorado!


I’m easily convinced. Where am I heading to next?


That’s close to my neck of the woods. Going to have to put it on the list to try…thanks!

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@attran99 :+1::+1::+1:

In the meantime, off to vanquish my moby dick. Will this finally be the day? 2 phones fully charged, reading material, no/minimal liquids all day. :crossed_fingers:


Dang. It’s 20 miles away…


It takes about 2 hours from that point and make sure you get a counter seat inside for the optimal experience! Also, their waffles are good too.

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Holy shit! You are a brave soul, indeed! May your quest be fruitful in so many ways.
I still need to conquer that beast, too. Perhaps next week.

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Remember: batters box to go (trust me)

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Ok @moonboy403 waffles :ok_hand:
@A5KOBE batter box :+1:


Country Level and whatever Heat Level you can stand… and stay away from that flaming red wing @PorkyBelly is probably still paying for.


I thinking a few mediums, 2 hot level wings. Some no heat and mild for the missus. A sammie and batter box to go. Some sides.

Guess I won’t be cooking the lamb biryani marinating in the fridge tonight…


First time I’ve got full view of the storefront. Like fuckin Disneyland, the line keeps going and going…


Guess not but sounds delicious.

Your wife might like the Country Level too (no heat, but delicious, like a good country fried chicken).


Yeah she can’t have spicy food so I’ll just get her some country

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PSA - coffee place closed today.


Wtf happened to sunny California???

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