March 2019 Weekend Rundown


It’s funny that I almost stopped here for the fish & chips the other day, but recalled something about you mentioning the luster was gone on this dish. I guess they’re back on the list…

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@js76wisco had to wait a hour from start to eating to get the food…so wasn’t insanely bad…

but they said Tues-Thursday there are barely any lines…Theyre close sunday-Monday.

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Apples and oranges.


No doubt! I just meant to say that I enjoyed my meal at Osteria Mozza more so than Republique after dining at both these past 2 nights.


On my visit, the texture of the lobster on my benedict was a bit chalky…

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I hope you got some bread to take home. It makes for great toast for breakfast the next day.

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My go to’s at Anaya other than the chilaquiles and huevos rancheros are:

Manny’s barbacoa plate (a special that is always available)

Chicken mole tacos


All are pretty great. Also in the summer they do a Mexican shrimp ceviche that is bangin.


At Chi Spacca looking adorable.

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We like their chicken mole tacos too.


@attran99 most certainly did. We are definitely taking the kids back with us and getting two pastas next time.


Waaait a minute, were you at the chi spacca private event last night, which they failed to announce to the public, so walk-ins had no clue they were closed? Don’t ask me how I know.


Did you end up at Osteria Mozza’s Mozzarella counter? :wink:


Snacking around SGV

Roast pork from Ruby


Pho Ga from.Hai Phong. Unfortunately didn’t enjoy my meal. X-hot howlin rays from last night had worked it’s way to the end of my digestive tract.


As the late mr gold would say, good job pretending not to notice me pretending not to notice you noticing me noticing you.

Did you try the mozzarella with garlic toast and anchovies?


Burritos La Palma (Santa Ana)
Found ourselves in the OC and my husband requested a stop at Burritos La Palma. He’s been craving it since I picked some up for him in October…and sheepishly admitted that he had since wanted to drive down without me for burritos for a fix.
We got an assortment of birria, tinga, and deshebrada along with an order of taquitos. They tried to convince us to try a torta, but I thought that may be pushing it.
This place is as delicious and delightful as always. Grabbed a few more to go since they reheat well and a package of tortillas for at home quesadillas.
Churros Don Abel (Whittier)
Fresh churros from a truck? Sign me up. On the other side of the city, Churros Don Abel sets up shop on most nights alongside the Pioneer High School parking lot. For $6, $10, or $16 you can get 10, 20, or 30 fresh from the fryer, piping hot churros. You see the guys pipe the batter into the oil, pick up and drain the churros, and hand toss in cinnamon sugar.
They are as delightful as the churros I’ve had in Mexico. Custardy inside and super crunchy/crispy outside with just the right coating of cinnamon sugar. In a sitting, I ate 6 without realizing it…and enjoyed each bite.
On weekends, they provide free café de olla. It’s wonderful on a chilly night and fantastic with the fresh churros.
I’ve been to their other truck by the Citadel, and I think I like this truck more. The churros are better drained here…I think the L.A. location is just so busy they don’t have time to drain them as well coming out of the fryer.


Yeah, I never “got” churros originally b/c I had only had them in the US. And then I had one in Mexico, and it was like a light shining down on me.

If you’re ever in the West LA area (which I realize will likely be almost-never) Churros Calientes does (or did) a really good churro. But it ain’t gonna be as cheap as what you had this weekend. :wink:

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I’ll bookmark it…thanks, @paranoidgarliclover! The list of Westside eating is getting long. I may just have to have an adventure day to knock some off the list.


You sat there? :wink:

No, I had the burrata with bacon. It was so good that I think I pooped my pants.


You should try Don Churros Gomez in Anaheim.

The traditional and the unique Jalisco style. LA doesn’t even have this style!

I am surprised Bill Esparza/LA Taco/Eater LA has not picked up on this. Cough!

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Thanks, @JeetKuneBao! Bookmarked…looks fantastic. I see they have a traditional and a Churro Gruesco option. I’m excited to try both!