March 2019 Weekend Rundown


Parking was fantastic…we parked right up close to the front. There was zero line at both security and Salt & Straw. I do not know if that’s the case Friday-Saturday. Validation for $20 purchases…or if your server is super cool.

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CC is still cranking them great churros out… But they are Venezuelan churros, which are much more kindred spirits with what the Spaniards eat after a night of searching for sunrise…

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So would say that the CC ones are crispier than a typical Mexican one? I like the crispy. :). What are the general difference?


The Spanish churros are not as intrinsically sweet (they taste more like Chinese yeotiao than Mexican churros!), and are dependent on dipping into the hot chocolate to make the whole bite sweet. Oh, and the caliber/diameter of each Spanish churro is thinner in general than its Mexican counterpart.


I wish CC was open during the day like they initially were. I drive through the general area during the day but not so often at night.


Late night at Birrieria Gonzalez in Commerce on Whittier after I was done playing basketball

They only have birria de res but it’s juicy af and generous portion. Stuffed. Tacos + quesataco + mulita = $7

Braved the line at Churros Don Abel right after my taco craving. It was literally 20 feet away from Birrieria Gonzalez.

Got 30 of these freshly made bad boys. They’re a touch oily but piping hot, super crunchy on the outside, and light and airy inside.


PASTA ALL DAY: #pastapourpetitdejeuner #whatketo?

Breakfast: Capo’s rigatoni with white truffle sauce, from Cora’s Coffee Shoppe (Santa Monica)… Damn, this pasta goes great with my first coffee of the day!

Lunch: Buta paitan w/ gyokai: Pork & seafood broth served with chashu & egg (tsukemen noodles), from Okiboru (Chinatown)… Okiboru’s hand-pulled Q is so satisfying. I like this as much as the tsukemen from Tsujita Annex right now.

Dinner: Lasagna verde : Meat lasagna with spinach pasta, from Uovo (Santa Monica)… Not as good as my friend’s Emiliano nonna’s homemade stuff, but pretty darn close. Good stuff!

Bonus: The Uovo takeout container make a great gift box for giving out my backyard hens’ eggs!

Pasta trifecta: Complete.


I noticed that, too, my first trip there. However, I attributed that to the huge line I hopped into, and them dropping too many into the oil to compensate. The other night, I was driving so I couldn’t have one fresh out of the oil…didn’t want the mess in the car. They were perfect when I got to them about 20 minutes later.

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A Captain Marvel trip to Westwood Village. Lamonica’s and Stan’s.


Strong work!

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Bangbangbang at Diddy Riese for the Westwood Old School Triple Crown!


We’re you the one who bought all the plain old fashions and buttermilk bars!???!?

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Din Tai Fung (Arcadia)
Dropped in the OG location for dinner. They quoted us 45 minutes, but it was only 30 minutes. Enough time to walk over to the Half & Half Tea Express for a boba before dinner.
The chowpup ordered the pork chop noodle soup, pork chop on the side. We ordered a variety of XLB, string beans, bok choy, and cucumbers. Conveniently, there are some leftovers for tomorrow.
Bulgarini Gelato (Altadena)
When you are a scant 8 miles away, you make the effort to call and see if the store is open…and if open, you go. I finally got to take my husband here for the first time…and Leo had 3 pear flavors available. My husband thought each of the flavors was amazing…and I finally decided to book a full gamet dinner with Leo for Friday.
@Chowseeker1999 I tried his hazelnut gelato and it was as good as you said it would be…like eating fresh, roasted hazelnuts…but in gelato form. I paired it with my favorite pistachio and the Bosc pear with bay leaves. I loved how the pear with bay leaves was both sweet and savory…Leo explained how he goes about making that flavor and the work and thought he puts forth is just so amazing. He thinks about how each region of the palate tastes each flavor of his sorbet/gelato.
The husband got the blood orange granita and the Barlett pear (his favorite pear). He was blown away at the pure pear flavor.
The chowpup loved his stracciatella…he said it was the best version of chocolate chip he’s ever had.
We are so looking forward to our dinner there Friday.


Shunji for late winter/early spring omakase… Glorious. New dish: Chawanmushi (I’m not usually a huge fan of chawanmushi, but this one got my attention): Asari (clam) broth, bafun uni AND murasaki uni, tai (sea bream) & ebi (shrimp) are all steamed with egg to gentle, harmonious perfection.

République served up a dish of mighty tasty malfadine with dungeness crab, preserved Meyer lemon, basil… Just heavenly.



Make sure you ask if you can try his gelato with his red wine or sour beer! Yes it works!


Will do! Thanks for the tip.


Hong Kong Cafe (Monterey Park)

Rice Noodle Roll and HK Milk Tea


You’re right this is some good stuff!!!


I’m glad you liked them! Both are superbly smooth but the milk tea is a little too sweet. Ask for less sugar.

Now that you tried the good stuff here, any rice noodle you have at dim sum are gonna suck big time.


Fortune No 1

The LACo Department of Public Health rates this place a C!

Jianbing. Meh. As I get older my taste and desire for fried food is diminishing. Inside of this crepe is a pretty big piece of fried cracker.

Baozi. These were tasty and filled with juicy pork. I spooned a little mix of black vinegar-chili oil. The baozi was supposedly invented by China’s other great military strategist, Zhuge Liang.


Settebello Pasadena

Very strong drink

Really good arracini with a tomato sauce that must have been laced with crack

Salad was also excellent, I think it was called Insalata Romana or something or that nature.

Wow was this good, the crust was excellent and the exact texture I expect for Pizze Napoletana, this was the polpette and it was really good. But the crust was :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I always forget how good the pizza is here.

T n T Aloha Cafe

Portuguese Sausage and Eggs with Bacon Fried Rice


Triple HiHo

Key Lime Pie - really tasty

Stan’s Huell