March 2019 Weekend Rundown


Brave soul.


Brews and fried chicken bowl from 6th & La Brea. Chicken had a good crunch to it – beers were solid especially the Strong Ale.

Sesame Chinese pizza at You Kitchen. This is a beautiful thing of savory flakiness; like a cross between a scallion pancake and a focaccia. Loved this and would order again. In fact everything we’ve had here has been delicious. Had a few leftover pieces of the pizza with some eggs the next morning – delicious!

Spinach+cheese and black bean Pupusas from VChos truck. Very filling, not too greasy, and a good value at about $8 for the two.

Margherita from Eataly.


Highland Park run…good stuff!

Mason’s Dumpling Shop

Beef Bun - bun’s really fluffy but can use a little pickled veggie

Pork Bun - same as above

Panfried Beef/Cheese/Onion Dumplings - really crispy bottom


Good stuff!

Went this weekend after Tomatomania and also enjoyed what we had. We got the pork belly bowl, the cheese and Beef dumplings and soup dumplings.

The soup dumplings were tasty, but not quite ‘soupy’. Our favorite were the Beef and Cheese. We recently had some terrible ones at Rice Box. These were a less intense version of of the cheesy beef bun at Nikuman-Ya.

We liked the pork belly bowl as well, but it was small. We also were impressed with their tasty bok choy. Good portion there.



Bangbangbang LQ, Mason’s, & Triple Beam. Skip Otono & Joy.

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I also walked into Cookbook right when they were taking out their harrisa roasted chicken… I almost regreted ordering those dumplings… we did get the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies from them… top notch.


Happy Pi Day!!!

This is a lovely strawberry Meyer lemon cream pie with cookie crust, topped with candied kumquat and mint sprig, made by our friend Jenny Lee and her bakery @SweetsbyJennyLee - Delicious!!!

Chicken pot pie for breakfast, from Marie Callender’s (West LA)…

May your radius always be half your diameter.


Dessert at Asanebo


This Caesar is perilously close to its end. Happy Ides of March, everyone (with anchovies on the side)!!!


Snuck out for a 1.5 hour lunch at Ruby’s BBQ. They were packed!


Delicious rundowns @DoughnutsFC.

Nice to read good stuff about You Kitchen. I’m going soon.

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Lovely indeed. Were you in NY?


Hi @moonboy403,

Darn you! I had to look at those pics of Ruby BBQ before eating lunch. :smile: We love that place!

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Just went to a matinee showing of Captain Marvel at the Westwood Village theater and saw that Stan’s Donuts is closed for renovations 'cause they are replacing their donut fryer.

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Not recently. Why?


All this for some square pizza…


Did it say how long before opening?


The meyer lemon cream pie looks really good, so I looked up @SweetsbyJennyLee and I thought it said she’s located in NY.

Northern Cafe (SGV) - Oodles of Noodles: Picks and pics

Northern Cafe - So. Dang. Good.

Grilled beef tendon - Crispy exterior and gooey center. HOT DAMN! :heart_eyes:
@attran99 @Chowseeker1999 @robert @BlurA14 @PorkyBelly @A5KOBE @J_L @hungryhungryhippos

Dried beancurd, spiced pig ears and beef shank

Beef rolls - My favorite beef roll in the city

Stir-fried shredded pancake

Sweet and sour spare ribs - the only disappointment since it was overcooked

Korean style cold noodle

Spicy chicken with sliced noodle - Perfect Q from the hand sliced noodle and they soak in just enough of that delicious chili sauce/oil to make them delicious. Chicken is cooked very well which makes them moist and juicy.

Premier Dessert Art

Mango and Pomelo Sago - a classic HK dessert…this place butchered it

Bulgarini Gelato

Did I just have some fresh peach, Bosc pear, and roasted hazelnut? Or did I just have some gelato?

My only complaint is the portion. $10 for 3 flavors but I literally only got a little bit of each flavor? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Triple Beam

I can’t stop eating their apple hand pie…somebody. save. me.

SGV today (like, in an hour)

Ah. I see. Jenny’s in LA. From around the block.

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