March Weekend Rundown (2016)

FINALLY went to L’Assiette for the first time, splurged and went with their truffle prie fixe which came with 1st foie gras app ($10 supp), sorrel soup, + 2 rounds of their steak frites w/ truffle laden sauce. It was $55 plus a $10 split plate fee, which meant both of us got our own sorrel soup which was downright godly when paired with their excellent bread. Split a single glass of $11 french wine that was also delicious (the generous initial pour meant our split portion was bigger than some pours around town). Did not leave hungry, actually can’t really imagining taking down both rounds of frites.

Could this be the highest QPR restaurant for a couple in Los Angeles? Just fucking maybe.


I had both rounds without too much of a problem. :slight_smile:

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maybe it was the humongous portion of foie, 3 rounds of bread, or the fact that I ate every single fry, but I didn’t want a second portion right then.

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mothershucking shellfish on a mothershucking plate



Protect your bagels, put lox on it


so slutty the FCC tried to censor it

The oyster gourmet


pronounced jelina, the hipster pretentiousness is silent

Japanese snapper crudo, serrano paste, myer lemon, cilantro

Chicken liver toast

Grilled little gem lettuce, anchovy aioli, red bell peppers, bottarga, breadcrumbs

Hanger steak, porcini butter

Lamb sausage


Feeding my eating disorder, I’m about to eat dis order of kanpachi, dis order of foie gras, dis order of agedashi tofu…

The kanpachi was so fresh it had to go live with its aunt and uncle in bel-air

Scallop, uni, crab - the S.U.C?




@PorkyBelly nice weekend! You went all out!

So after all those “appetizers” what did you have for the main course? :stuck_out_tongue:


@PorkyBelly that is an impressive run.

Nice photos too.

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That’s what the rest of the week is for :slight_smile:


Pann’s Turkey Dinner!


A week ago, really diggin this new ice cream place in Chino Hills

Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Then this week, had to try the Corn and Cheese which was surprisingly tasty, and the corn was quite noticeable

ST Patisserie Eclair, also had an almond brioche which was fuckin tasty AF (no pics)

Bizarra Capital


Mole verde fries

Fuckin octopus verde is so damn tasty…can’t not order it.

Another must order are these flank steak chimichangas

Costa Azul…or bacon wrapped shrimp with ham

Tel Aviv Grill is getting more and more crowded

Chicken shawarma pita

Olives, eggplant and fries

Taqueria Periban has some tasty carnitas, very flavorful.

Odd that they call their this salsa their verde, considering it looks orange


Went to Leona for brunch this morn. I’m not a huge brunch fan, but I left pretty dang happy with the meal. The table shared an order of the Brown Butter Pancakes, which were probably some of the best pancakes I can remember having in recent memory. A definite highlight. We also shared the Korean Latke, which were fine, if a bit boring. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Flatbread and was pleasantly surprised. Probably better as a shared plate, but it was really tasty. Also had bites of the Eggs Benedict and Ocean Trout, and both were solid brunch dishes.

I’ve read mixed things about the dinner (haven’t been to judge for myself), but if you’re looking for a brunch spot on the Westside, Leona is a good shout.

Also went to 2117 and Lodge Bread for pizza night. Oh, and Tom’s #5 for chilli fries, but let’s not talk about that.

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Ohmigod, that second to last pic is kind of scary! :smiley:

There’s a Creams and Dreams in Santa Monica, too (right near the Promenade). Haven’t yet tried it, although it seems to be pretty popular. May try it since you like the one in Chino Hills…

Knead & Co - Duck agnolotti

Spelt cavatelli

Bucatini alla Amatriciana

Scarpetta - Creamy polenta with fricassee of truffled mushrooms

Tajarin with parmigiano & black winter truffles

Spaghetti with tomato & basil

Redbird - Chicken pot pie with chicken hearts, thigh, thyme, hen of the woods

Foie gras with forbidden rice, green curry, green strawberries

Braised goat gemelli with rapini, garlic bread crumbs, poached egg, fresno chili

Cavatelli with rabbit sausage, midnight moon, peas, wild foraged mushrooms

Veal Fraser - 24oz Wisconsin veal chop, 24 hour veal cheeks, burgundy snails


Baller Weekend

You’re talking to @PorkyBelly, right? :wink:

You were definitely rolling in the dough more than i was :wink:

If “by rolling in the dough,” you mean rolling in more pasta dough, then yes, I’ll have to definitely agree that I was rolling in more pasta dough than you. :smile: