Margot at the Platform - amazing ambiance and surprisingly great Spanish-inspired cuisine

It’s such a cool space - to be eye-to eye with the EXPO line tracks - makes you feel like you are definable not in Kansas - or LA - anymore. Blade Runner-ish. It’s just a stunning room and patio.

I say “surprisingly” for several reasons:
a) when you call them the message starts off by saying something like, “You have reached IB Hospitality Group, press 1 for Margot Restaurant…” That’s never a good sign.
b) it’s at the gastronomically-challenged Platform
c) nobody seems to be able to capture the essence of Spanish cooking in these parts
d) it’s so GD beautiful and white-hot right now and those places usually suck.

Still we had some wonderful dishes:

stuffed piquillo peppers - idiazabel cheese, salsa verde
Very Spanish and very good

kampachi - pickled mustard seed, horseradish, dill
probably the best combination of flavors we’ve had on any crudo in ages. Instead of being unneeded or - worse - over-powering these flavors all melded perfectly and the fish was cut thick enough to still be the main element. GREAT

market lettuces - buttermilk-herb dressing, sunflower seeds, serrano ham cracklings
Sorry about the crap picture. This one was just OK for me. More about the ham than the salad.

grilled amberjack collar - roasted pepper escalivada
Really tasty.

tagliarini - seafood sausage, saffron, fennel pollen
Best seafood based pasta I’ve had since Rebulique’s Lobster Mafaldine. AMAZING dish. My favorite of the night. BUT I FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC

I am a bit surprised there’s not been much buzz about Margot’s food. It deserves to be better known.


Does that mean reservation definitely needed and hard to get?

You don’t really want to make me feel like a total pedantic idiot by answering that? Take a wild guess at the answer and you will probably be as correct about it as I could be.


Wow, did you really mean for your response to be as crass as it sounded? Nobody on the board is talking about it, so, yes, you having been there would be much more accurate than I could surmise on my own. I’ve not even heard of the place until this post, so how am I supposed to know how crowded it is?


Bob, I’m really surprised and shocked by your response to the question. I just read it as a sincere question. How did you read it?

So sorry @paranoidgarliclover - I am sure you know I did not mean to hurt your feelings or to be crass.
But, I only went once myself, so how do I really know?
My assumptions is - like all hot joints - it’s easy to get in on Sunday - Wednesday (at most hours), or anytime between opening and 6:30 or after 9:30. That’s all I was trying to say - again sorry if that came off otherwise.