Marinade question

I made this.

I doubled up on all the ingredients. can I cook the chicken in the marinade it’s been sitting in?

I wouldn’t cook it in the marinade. Just from my experience it will dry the chicken out from the salt. Use maybe a little to cook with . Reduce the marinade in a saucepan and spoon a little over after cooking .

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How are you planning on cooking the meat? I would treat it like any other marinated meat. Shake off most of the marinade, then grill ect…

reserve some mojo on the side (that hasn’t touched the meat) to use as a sauce or stirred into a pan sauce ect

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Weird recipe. Traditional mojo is sour orange juice, salt, cumin, and oregano, uncooked.

If you’re going to braise it, I’d start with a sofrito, and make a fresh batch of mojo to serve with it, maybe including some olive oil.

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