Mariscos Tocho-Watts

Tocho might just be one of the best mariscos joints in LA/OC. Easily top 3.
There is no one doing mariscos this style. No one.

Located on Alameda inside Santana Tires and not far from Imperial Courts PJ’s.

You can’t miss the bright blue truck.

The food:

Tostada Pariente. Should have took a better pic, but this tostada has all of their salsas. Every piece of seafood was great, not over marinated. That green salsa is no joke.

Roja and Negra.
Both were excellent, but the Negra has a more interesting flavor, more mild, savory, with a small hint of sweet.

Taco Tocho. Steak, shrimp, and cheese. Looks bland but full of flavor. Tasted a little soy in the steak, very juicy. They can do this over fries or in a burrito.

Shrimp Consommé. Shrimpy and a little citrusy. I bought this after I finished the tostadas and taco, and it was $6!! It was good but not worth it in my opinion. I have no idea of the prices for everything else.

Order anything off of here.

I am declaring this place a must. This ain’t the typical mariscos place you see on the streets, (I still fuks with that). The tostadas here are unique. I have not been to El Coraloense though.

Get your ass over, Fri-Sunday only.


Amen. This place is a gem and the guys who run it are super friendly.

They also serve a braised manta ray taco, which while not my favorite thing on the menu, is pretty intriguing.


You do good work over at the Weekly, bringing attention and business to all these mom-n-pops and hole-in-the-walls.

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Tacos in the CPT! We need more of that shit.

Thank you!

That salsa negra is seriously one of my favorites. Second place would be the salsa aceite at La Unica.


Tocho is open btw. Please wear a mask and keep your distance. Get there in the morning, but call ahead so you don’t waste your time.

IMHO one of the best Mariscos in LA. I put there tostada with that salsa negra and pristine seafood as easily one of the best

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Our own @EattheWorldLA visits Mariscos Tocho.