Marugame Monzo udon may be coming to Sawtelle

All you udon lovers: Marugame is considering a space in Sawtelle Japantown. It may be located in the space previously occupied by Satsuma Imports, just north of the Saudi consulate…


THAT would be fabulous!


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Sadly, the MM in Little Tokyo has taken a bit of downturn of late. Still good, just not as.

Uh oh. Mehopes that the new Sawtelle location brings back the focus…

That is a shame. How are the crowds these days?

Still long, esp. at peak times.

While it’s still good, I think part of the popularity of MM is the dearth of udon options in/around DTLA. There’s Tsurumaru, but that place is pretty ordinary in all respects (udon quality, prep style, etc.).

Best udon in Little Toykyo these days is probably at Kinjiro, but then we’re really talking about a different league of dining all together.

I can confirm they will be at 2029 Sawtelle.

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For those of us not familiar with the area…what is parking going to be like?



Wait, I meant Marugame Udon, not Marugame Monzo. lol

Sorry for the confusion.

from the same company behind tokyo table

Was there a month ago. Just as yummy as always.

Yeah. That location doesn’t even have a dedicated lot. It’s a little bit of walk… but the Metro line is the bet and a way to work off any dessert or bubble tea you might pick up on the way back to the station.


UPDATE: Sawtelle location is slated to open September 14 at noon.