Maruhide Uni restaurant closure

Talked to someone at the restaurant and found out that they’re closing on May 21st. Does anyone know of any alternatives?

Oh no. That’s terrible news. That place is packed every day. I wonder why they are closing.

Went today and our server told us that the chef had some kind of health issue that made it difficult for him to work any longer. :frowning:

You may want to check with Maruhide directly. Their factory is located in Long Beach, and they allow in-person pick up for orders (they close at 4:30, however). You can also have it shipped to you, of course.

If it’s an uni bowl you’re looking for, Nozomi in Torrance has always had uni bowls. Same purveyor, so a very good uni bowl. :slight_smile:

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Yup. I was there yesterday and got the same story. I think the owner had a heart attack or stroke and doesn’t want to/cant work anymore. Huge bummer. Going again tomorrow for one last time.