Massimo Bottura wants to open a new restaurant in Beverly Hills


Dammit. Osteria Gucci was going to be my new rap moniker.

But this would be awesome. Interesting that the article says he picked up a burger from The Habit… are those burgers worth a stop?


He also said he’ll try Shake Shack and In-N-Out. I’m guessing The Habit burger will act as “the control” in the experiment.

As for this venture, I’m a bit wary that Bottura will go the way of “Vong in the BH” on this…


Cuisine that has been developed in the back part of all these supermarkets where Koreans and Mexicans work together and they eat together.

I think he’s a little unclear on the history of Korean-Mexican fusion.

Bottura is not sure LA’s wealthy “Hollywood” types care about what Vespertine is doing. “It’s more intellectual. Most of the things are not good food, eh?” Bottura asserted. “I think they need time to develop and to look for different perspectives of what they are doing. But it could be a very important push for Los Angeles.”

Did he just say the food sucks?


That’s exactly what I got. Contrast that with ““amazing” fish and seafood in Michael Cimarusti’s Providence” :joy:

Their burgers are okay - they have bacon and onion rings. Kinda like a legit Burger King.

Not a destination but it’s in the rotation due to good enough quality at a low price point.


The Habit is my favorite fast food burger.

Yeah, doesn’t get enough mention. Grilled over open fire, yum!

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More like he thinks it’s too hip for the room.

"Vespertine is an incredible, challenging thing to do in a place like LA,” Bottura said. “Actually, all over the world. Very few people are ready right now in 2018 to spend like four, four and a half hours and live that kind of experience. For me it’s very easy. It’s not my job, it’s my pleasure. It’s my passion.” Bottura is not sure LA’s wealthy “Hollywood” types care about what Vespertine is doing. “It’s more intellectual. Most of the things are not good food, eh?

I think it’s generally true that Hollywood types don’t care about food in the sense that the places they frequent are mostly not the best restaurants.

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surprised, not surprised. he’s getting bored.

You mean like Craig’s and The Ivy? I would include celebrity magnet, Madeo, except the food is really good. But who could forget Seal’s infamous paparazzi melt down at the valet stand.

Uh, I could. ;-D What happened with that?!

Well… it wasn’t exactly a meltdown - like the time he almost ran over a paparazzo with his car… on purpose! Let’s just say he was very cranky. I would post the video, but last time I tried that the thread went hooey and people started private messaging me requesting a deletion. :relaxed:

P.S. I’m not down on Seal. He’s actually pretty down to earth as celebrities go. He just seems to hate the paparazzi, lol. And once they know they get to you it’s on. Bingo! Money shot!

Reservations open to the public February 17th. Official opening in March. Who will be the first to dine?

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My bet is a race between @J_L & @PorkyBelly with @moonboy403 as the possible dark horse and @Chowseeker1999 waiting until the dust settles a bit.


There’s a Vegas line on this stuff now?! Love it.


I saw that in passing and assumed it was going to be a pop up wow.

Oy, I just barfed a little after reading about the location. Look forward to the reports, though… :slight_smile:

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