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Shaanxi Gourmet is gone?


“Of note: A Korean restaurant opened in Chinatown last week. Mr Chang is really smart and has bee pandering to all these LA folks in love with NYC star chefs.#SoLA.”



i was personally underwhelmed by the place compared to the other places featuring shaanxi cuisine.

Well that proves again that being the first is less important than being the best. But it wasn’t that long ago that one of LA’s top Chinese food writers indicated that Chengdu Taste and Shaanxi Gourmet were LA’s two most important signature Chinese restaurants.

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Happy family has a new owner? Danger. Danger.


i first tried shaanxi gourmet about 5 years ago. even then, i wasn’t impressed by the texture of the noodles which to me is one of the things that should be outstanding at any shaanxi place. no matter; they’re gone.

He always cracks me up. Throwing all kinds of shade…hahaha


There was a time when Shaanxi Gourmet was quite good, and it definitely was a significant restaurant. Plus, it was the only place featuring Shaanxi cuisine. It expanded seating twice within the first few months of its 2011 opening, and was always packed. Prior to the expansions, waits were common. It was one of my more regular stops. My usual order was a lamb burger, cold skin noodles and a cold table plate. Their cold skin noodles were very good.

Around 2013, there seemed to be a drop-off in quality as they expanded (to Las Vegas and Boston). I hit the short-lived Arcadia location a couple of times, and it was ok. Eventually, more Shaanxi places opened and they were better than what Shaanxi Gourmet had become. There were many complaints about service, which again is never a problem I’ve ever had in the SGV, but considering Shaanxi Gourmet made the top 20 list for “wage theft”, that might explain it. I never went back after that.

Ask some of the Sichuan places about being first over best. Shaanxi Gourmet was a signature restaurant, but - also like some of the Sichuan places - it was surpassed by better. Flipping restaurants and wage theft probably didn’t help matters.

funny you mention that; i checked back and it was 2013 when i first tried the place and i’m sure we’ve discussed before, the noodles then just didn’t impress me, especially in comparison with say, kam hong or HNII aka JYTH (granted, the latter is shanxi & not shaanxi, not so sure with KHG - they do a really good lamb noodle soup now BTW)

So now we have these - any other good ones?
Xi’an Tasty
Shaanxi Garden
Shanxi Noodle House

Too bad I didn’t know it was you sitting up front in 2011.

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Yes! I’m sorry that I missed that good chance to chat with you.

The full rundown as I last have it (subject to change)…

Shaanxi Datong (West Covina)
Shaanxi Garden
Xi’An Kitchen
Xi’An Tasty
Yan’s House (Rowland Heights)
Liang’s Kitchen (Monterey Park), Cindy’s Noodleland (Arcadia & San Gabriel) - same restaurants/menu

Lao Xi Noodle House
New Mandarin Noodle Deli
Shanxi Noodle House

While both provinces are known for their noodles, they are different types/styles of noodles. Shanxi Province is known for a wider variety of noodles along with making use of different flours (buckwheat, oat).

Too bad that Shaanxi Gourmet closed but it went downhill after the first year. Went to Shaanxi Garden yesterday for lunch and it was excellent.

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I think I found a way…


and the use of their regional vinegar (which i understand is difficult to find outside of china)

also, what about kam hong garden? IIRC dao shaw (knife cut) is a shanxi regional thing.

also disappointed to hear about ah may. i wonder if they’re going back to selling out of the house. a little surprised that tonyc neglected to mention noma myanmar as an alternative.

Ah, but he did mention Yoma. Really, really sorry to hear about Ah May. Some of the (b)est (TM-TonyC) Burmese in the SGV. Too bad they didn’t want anyone to write-up their place.

As an aside, over the past few months, I managed to eat at both Ah May and Yoma. Yoma is still good and still has the largest Burmese menu by far.

That too, but I was referring solely to the noodles themselves. But, good point.

Kam Hong Garden is hard to peg. Dao shao mian is defintiely a Shanxi specialty.