Maude, Yea or Nay?

Any recent experiences? Last post, besides the Michelin Guide thread, was in 2017. Looking for a celebratory experience and the current theme is Champagne. Sounds celebratory, but there are recent online complaints of small portions and cheaper ingredients.


I haven’t been since they stopped doing single ingredient themed dinners.

I’d say if you want that French style tasting menu with great service, sure? Otherwise you could ball out at Angler or go to Auburn?

Maude would probably get my vote for best restaurant in LA. Why? Everything.

Although the food isn’t nearly as groundbreaking, exciting, or memorable, as Somni or Vespertine, every dish is delicious. It’s a more traditional European style of cooking. No fireworks but very high-level.

I love their basic concept of the menu for each season focused on the foods and wines of a different region of the world. This is the heart of the whole experience for me.

The grand wine pairing is the very best in LA (better than Somni at the same price). For me, there is no food that can match the complexity and interest of wine. Every wine in the grand wine pairings I’ve tasted at Maude has been excellent, and many have been contemplative. It transforms the dining experience for me.

The tableware is gorgeous. My artistic interests tend to be modern. But everybody else is doing modern. Maude is doing what feels like European royalty. It is a wonderful, refreshing experience.

The service is perfect, even clever. You get the sense that they have a deep understanding of and appreciation for all the food and wine.

The upstairs dessert room is so cozy.

The hand-written take-home menus are beautiful.

I love the whole experience. There isn’t a single thing I would change. The formula is perfect for me.

While this restaurant has one Michelin star, the Michelin inspectors aren’t taking into account what makes the restaurant most special and unique – the focus on wine as an integral part of the experience.