Maui & Kauai recommendations


I’m planning on visiting Maui and Kauai this summer. We will be staying in Wailea, with a night in Hana, and on Princeville. Any recommendations for places to eat, all meals, any cuisine?

We eat everything. Hoping to gather a list of favs, and plan on exploring both islands pretty extensively.


I did a lot of research and concluded that you should temper your expectations because the food isn’t going to be like Honolulu.

Good Kauai recommendations here

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Hamura Saimin in Kauai, for their saimin and also get the Lilikoi chiffon pie.

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Yeah, Kauai is like the countryside of Hawaii and Honolulu is like the big city of Hawaii. My wife’s cousins are from Lihue in Kauai and the island life is more of a slow pace and there’s not a lot of new restaurants. Most restaurants that open are from people who grew up on Kauai and the food is made to a certain local taste. At least, that’s the impression i got but i didn’t stay at the big resorts and only hung out with the family most times, mostly in Lihue and the bowling alley. lol


Sounds great. There are always some good eats and gems at bowling alleys. Gardena Bowl and Aiea Bowl come to mind.

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yeah, for sure, there was a place in Kauai next to the bowling alley which had a pretty good Hawaiian oxtail soup. not as good as Aiea bowl but pretty good. It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve been back so i don’t really know what’s been going on over there…