Maximum distance you've driven for a meal?

Has anyone done a thread on max miles driven for a meal? I’m still ashamed of some of our day trips, years later.

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Nice . Start a new thread . " Longest you have driven for a meal . And have driven back home . So far it looks like 300 .

Round trip or each way?

For me I think it was 115-120 miles each way, to the Boonville Hotel back in the day.


conventionally, ~400 sf->la->sf (800 roundtrip)

unconventionally, i once spent about 6 hours driving in loops around SGV trying to find a specific shanghainese restaurant based on the vague memory of a restaurant review from 10 years earlier. all the strip mall complexes look exactly the same! ended up finding it at 9:55pm, 5 minutes before they closed. and then spent another 20 minutes contemplating going to newport seafood or some random chinese restaurant and chose the latter. a traumatizing experience… the restaurant in question was green village



Larkspur → Jocko’s in Nipomo → Larkspur @ 500 round trip


Crossing two states to go to Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, I don’t remember the exact distance but it was hours each way.

San Sebastián to Extabarri & San Sebastián to Gueyeu Mar in Asturias were high mileage ventures, too.


San Sebastian to Asador Exteberri is under 50 miles, though my stupid GPS routed it to take 3-4 hours on the way there.


Just in case anyone is looking for the original article on Yelp reviews, it’s moved to Why Yelp’s Chinese Restaurant Ratings Don’t Compute - LA Weekly


I’ve driven from Sacramento to Napa (100 miles round trip) for dinner.

The partner and I have gone to Fort Bragg overnight just to get the crab sandwiches at Princess Seafood on the wharf. (380 mi round trip. 4 hours each way on a lot of non-interstates.)

And more than once while living in Vancouver, BC I travelled 100 miles round trip and crossed an international border to get a decent deep dish pizza in Bellingham, Wash at Fat Pies. It’s since closed, which is a bummer.


Round trip

San Sebastian to Gueyeu Mar is almost 200 miles each way.


For me it was from Santa Cruz to the city up hwy one . Approx 150 miles round trip.


Upstate New York to Bianco in Phoenix. Also once drove to Chicago for a couple dinner’s before driving to Austin to Franklin’s BBQ before returning home to New York. That was quite the journey.



Getting lost is part of the experience.

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are you saying that Pizzeria Bianco was your primary reason for driving from Upstate New York to Phoenix? Imagine that! I thought I was a serious food person for going there while on business trip to Phoenix.


Insane! Especially since you go past Brooklyn, and New Haven which imo have some of the pizza

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I worked in the restaurant industry before becoming disabled with serious heart disease and MS. At one point my cardiologist advised I take my family to Disney World. I did, twice. Then I read a report by Don Rockwell on the old Egullet board about how he visited Pizzeria Bianco with his son shortly after the passing of his wife. His post touched my heart, so we went. That was the start of my family’s road trips from Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal to Schwa in Chicago to Howlin Rays in LA to the French Laundry and countless in between. Not only enjoying great food with my children, the lessons learned was take passion in whatever you choose to do in life. The restaurant industry is a good example of such. But the main reason for these road trips wasn’t just the destination. It was all the people we met along the way. People of all different cultures. And mostly the memories we made. They can one day tell their children how their grandfather once drove to Phoenix for pizza and stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way home. So far I have proven my cardiologist at that time wrong. But I have now become to weak for anymore road trips. I pretty much know how this book is going to end. As Thomas Keller told me in the kitchen after a 6 hour meal, “It’s all about the memories, Robert.” I think my family agrees.


Insane? See my explanation and decide after. I live in the Albany area which is about 3 hours west of New Haven and NYC. But have been to many of those destinations pizzerias also.

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