May 2022 Rundown

May the Food be with you!

Central Coast jaunt: Hit up the very excellent Bell’s in Los Alamos for lunch…

Egg salad sandwich: Fantastic!

Caviar & chips: Worth the splurge…

Business dinner at Morihiro (Atwater Village)… We sat at a table instead of Mori-san’s bar, but everything was still top notch.

Kippered (Downtown L.A.)… Smart concept, incorporating tinned seafood from mostly Iberian sources with a wine bar. I loved my first visit there.

Tinned razor clams are all mine. HUGE BITE!

When a person can scratch that itch for some scorpionfish pate up until midnight, you know you’re living in the big city…

kodō (Arts District)… Yoya-san’s new Kyoto-style izakaya and sushi den takes care of their customers, and the menu offers some nice surprises.

Hot take: The saba bozushi here is as good (and dare I say a wee tad better) than Kaneyoshi’s… HUGE BITE!

Tai somen in fish stock with bok choy comforts the customer with a restrained yet poetic finish to the meal. HUGE BITE!

New for May (before contact with Eater’s radar?): Soft open (takeout only) for Haru Omakase Sushi (Westwood), just south of the Hammer Museum (same block as the UCLA Nimoy Theater). The takeout chirashi (a downright deal at $40) and okonomi nigiri (less of a deal at $18 for one bite of toro/uni/caviar) looked and tasted like a new heavyweight contender to me. The buildout won’t be done 'til later next month, so verdict isn’t in yet on the space itself…


Does this count? Did you eat this at 12:01am?




So full as I type this in my time machine, lol…

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the nori isn’t even close


True, but for me Yoya’s saba prep hits the higher notes.

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Konbi, Europane, we need more good egg salad sandwiches at restaurants. I like the toasted bread for some crunch.


Moulin house made ham and cheese baguette with lettuce. Had zero expectations since it was at south coast plaza. But it turned out to be delicious. Baguette had great crust and chew with a noticeable fermented flavor and the ham and emmental cheese were very complementary. Simple and straight forward reminded me of getting a sandwich at a boulangerie in France.

Only thing for me was that I wish there was some Mayo or Dijon for lubrication.


pass the Grey Poupon


That is extremely high praise. I’m going to have to check this out. Thanks for the tip.


This isn’t the best picture, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Egg Salad Sandwich at Highly Likely. It has a touch of harissa mixed in, which is just enough… but what kills it is that bun. Milk Bread with crisp edges. It’s like the very best in and out bun… With a luscious egg salad.

Also bennies of Highly LIkely… They offer a plate of relly good Bacon as a side… if that is your jam…



Spotted this banner from NB 405 in Carson. Any info?

Legit looking offset smoker



Was in Long Beach for a protest and went back to Chiang Rai because I just can’t get enough of that place.

Chiang Rai beef laab:

Dry khao soi with sai ua:

Khao Soi with chicken:


I gotta check this place out those photos look awesome.

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The plaza with Earthen was as packed as its ever been. Earthen ownership has changed hands twice during covid. New chefs. Not pictured but still very good are the jjammpong and salt n pepper chicken cartilage.

The green onion pancake is not the same. Doesn’t have the same crispness but the actual flavor/recipe seems the same. I recommended to the waitress that the chef go back to the old version.

Mongolian beef for my kid who was craving it. Pretty good but he says Mins in Yorba Linda is better.

The house chicken was thankfully spot on.

They were doing brisk take out but the actual restaurant itself was only half full. There are all brand new nice menus with pictures, prices and captions in Chinese and English.


Was on Fairfax before a show at the Brain Dead theater so my buddy and I stopped in to eat at Yojimbo. (He had preemptively vetoed Jon and Vinny’s because we have eaten almost exclusively pizza the last few times we were out)

It was aggressively fine.

Heiwa “Kid” Junmai Cup

The best find here actually–loved that they had a cup version.

Salmon Bento

The salmon was cooked well, but the rest of the box was pretty plain. I used the salad dressing the punch pretty much everything else up.

The real highlight though… scoping out Animal after we walked out. There were people seated inside, so I went in and was told they were in a “soft open” and anticipate opening next week (!!!)

Next time I’m on Fairfax the same mistake will not be made.


you’re burying the lede here, yuuuge news. review forthcoming?


Don’t think anyone has made any comments about Papi Tacos and Churros.

Sorry that the pics of the tacos didn’t turn out that well…

We’ve walked by the place a few times and once saw a fairly large crowd, so we hoped the food wouldn’t be terrible. It turns out it’s quite good (IMHO). Not sure why the tacos are red. I didn’t try the shell by itself, so can’t say that it made a difference in flavor (as opposed to just being a dye).

Agua frescas were fine. I asked the cashier which one had the least amt of sugar added. She said that they were “all natural,” which I don’t think quite answered the question…

Partner had the birria, I had the chicken. The OG plate is $15. Birria didn’t quite have the funk that I like and expect, although I guess that’s not surprising if it’s all beef? My smoked chicken didn’t seem quite consistently smoky (but the parts that were smoky were very tasty and not overwhelming smoky). The consume was, not surprisingly, absolutely wonderful and warming.

I wouldn’t drive across the city for this, but, if you’re in the area, it’s certainly worth a try.

Brief review of Arth elsewhere: Anyone been to Arth Bar & Kitchen in Culver City? - #5 by paranoidgarliclover


Is this the bldg still labeled Cactus Taqueria?

They’re dipped in the birria fat and then fried which gives them that red color, if I’m not mistaken.