Medan Kitchen (Indonesian) - Rosemead

Legit! & right in the heart of SGV

Don’t sleep on the sundries section to load up on Indon hot sauces, kecap manis cap bango etc


Thanks for the intel @Sgee !!

Been eyeing this place for a while -looking forward to picking up dishes with anchovies :fish: and peanuts :peanuts:

Impressed by the fact the auntie insists on cooking it all by herself b/c she doesn’t want the taste to change.

Indo grocery newbie here, do you have and brands to rec for kecap manis and sambal :hot_pepper: sauces?


Love this place. Go early as a lot of packaged stuff sells out.


These 3 are popular favorites from Kokita brand. Oelek is a basic sambal, Terasi contains dried shrimp, bajak contains tomatoes and onions. My favorite must have is the bajak.

Since 1928

I picked up a bottle of this too but with the addition of salted catfish cubes. Tasty but a bit of a pricing landmine @ $12. Admittedly I was too giddy with excitement by the wide selection of sauces and neglected to check prices.


Their house sambal is like crack!


Thanks for posting this @Sgee ! I stopped by yesterday just before 12pm and the place was packed. They have so many different meals and prepared food items. The coconut rice set and the nasi bungkus were excellent. The fried potato sticks and peanuts added even more multidimensional flavor and texture and the sambal is delicious. The fragrant coconut rice is absolutely delicious soaked in the sambal.

The nasi bungkus was already warm but be sure to reheat the food you want to eat there with their microwave if it is cold.

And of course, grab a container of sambal to go and put it on everything.

@PorkyBelly or @moonboy403 a OOE here would be equivalent to hiking Mt Everest barefoot.


Glad you liked it @A5KOBE! Yeah their takeout selection is huge.

I see you got the nasi bungkus with the stink bean :wink:


Yup, delicious!

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