Menudo...any place in the city that does it amazing well?

Off topic, but… you asked once a few weeks/months ago why people on the board sometimes have a strong negative reaction to your posts. I think it’s b/c of miscommunications like the one above, where you stated that Dommy “hated” Chichen Itza.

I just re-read the thread since my own recollection was that Dommy had stated that there only a few items she likes there and that she likes Flor De Yucatan for most everything else. And, in fact, that’s what she actually said:

I’ve been reading Dommy’s posts for years, and I’ve never seen her use the word “sucks” (or anything remotely close to that).

As for the context, Dommy had already told you in another thread that she had spent summers in the Yucatan.

When you remember everyone else’s posts as being very binary (even though they clearly aren’t), you might expect that other posters will have similarly black and white reaction to your own posts (which I generally enjoy, except when you twist people’s words around). I don’t think you’re doing it on purpose, but it does happen pretty regularly. If you want people to have a more nuanced opinion of your posts, it might be helpful to show them that same courtesy…


can we get back to talking about menudos? :wink:

I like the one I had a Juquila, but I am not a menudo connisseur. How is one at Vallarta? :wink:

Thank you for the feedback.

What other word would you use?

To me, saying I liked everything better somewhere else is the same as saying I hate the first place. I would never go eat somewhere when I liked everything else at a different place doing the same stuff.

Context seems to be relevant to me. I am sure no one on the planet hates a restaurant in a more literal sense, like they want to burn it to the ground or something. So that’s not really the type of thing I imagine the word “hate” to connote on a food forum.

Communication is messy, you can only try to elaborate on the intent when misscommunication occurs I suppose.

Off topic again, but I suppose that’s my fault. :wink:

To me, it really depends on how MUCH I liked everything better at some other place. If the Restaurant A is a 10/10, but Restaurant B is an 8/10, then I certainly wouldn’t say I “hate” Restaurant B. I wouldn’t even say that I dislike it. I might even prefer to go to Restaurant B, if it’s way closer to me (sorry, I’m a little lazy).

If Restaurant B were like a 5/10, then I’d probably say I’d hate it.

Oh, no, I’m pretty sure there are people here (including me) who have or do hate a restaurant in a more literal sense and wouldn’t mind seeing 1-2 places burn to the ground (or at least go out of business). :wink: Although I’ve never felt that way based on the food (but more on service issues from perceived racism, etc). Don’t underestimate the power of emotions. :wink: Bwahahahahaha.

What you’re saying is probably true… but no one takes the time to say “I thought stuff at restaurant B was like an 8/10, but the stuff at restaurant A is 10/10” They just say “I don’t like anything at restaurant B, because restaurant A does it better”. Not much to work with really in practical contexts… no one would love more detail than me, but I doubt anyone else agrees with me on that hah

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i have been reading this board since it started, and before that, that other place since it was just
a bunch of text on the screen. i don’t recall ever reading anything like this.
this notion you automatically dislike something solely because someone else “does it better” is foreign
to me.
messi does most things better than ronaldo, and you know what? i prefer ronaldo.


So you’re saying you like cocky pretty boys over humble unassuming guys? :wink:

Most women do :wink:

Also, the folks at Otium :wink:

So you’re saying you like cocky pretty boys over humble unassuming guys? :wink:

“when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” – the man who shot liberty valence

its possible i prefer expressive eyebrow pluckers to hgh-aided tax cheats.

but i digress…

and ive never been to otium, but ive been to viva cantina.

i posted in this month’s DOTM - try lenchitas on van nuys a few blocks east of I-5.

i thought it was great. while i can’t speak to what makes a great authentic bowl of menudo, i will mention that i was the only non-mexican there and every table had at least one bowl of menudo. following the lead of the person who took me there (originally from mexico city), dump in the onion, ask for an extra slice of lemon to raise the acidity, and add a lot of oregano to taste.

eat the handmade tortillas brought to the table piping hot (i saw a few folks blowing on them before eating them) with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of salsa.

you can watch the staff making the tortillas as well as tamales while you order. i’d go back, though if i went without my friend i’d expect to get marginalized a bit.

Those tortillas look awesome.

they’re awfully good, especially hot off the grill.

Lupita’s in Cypress Park by the Metro bus yard.

Not popular with Yelpers and never mentioned on Eater LA. No one on FTC but me has mentioned this place.Popular with locals. It is literally in a neighborhood and not on a commercial block.

Just down home Mexican cooking.

I put the menudo against anybody else

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Can outsiders go?

I have no idea where Cypress Park is

I am guessing the other place is La Flor De Yucatán?

What do you think Chichen Itza and La Flor do best?

Any of the daily specials or weekend specials I must try at both places?


Better late than never, but finally tried the menudo from Lupita’s. Yes it’s exceptional and quite possibly worth going out of your way to get it. They asked me if I wanted corn in it, which I had never had in Menudo. I said sure but didn’t love it. It was more like a mushy corn nut than a corn off a cobb. Easy enough to eat around it I suppose, but next time, I’ll be getting it with no corn.

Also tried their eggs and chorizo and was delicious.

They do have limited hours so check before you go. Also, it’s cash only.

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You know, I’ve never seen Mondongo at Flor… I think their kitchen isn’t suited for it… It takes a good amount of time and skill to get a wonderful version. I think the light hand that I hold CI accountable for, actually works in their favor on a dish like Mondongo.

Like most dishes from the Yucatan… you won’t find Mondongo on the menu of any other Mexican Restaurant. But you will find it at some Colombian or Nicaraguan places. Supposedly Sopa de Pata at Salvadoran places is a Mondongo but I have NEVER NEVER liked it.


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