Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu: A Pictorial Essay

Dear FTC homies: Damn! This is a great curry bowl! Thanks for turning me onto it. I’d gladly pay the price of the entire bowl just for that piece of expertly fried pork katsu.


And the price is redic!


Hi @J_L,

Glad you liked it! :slight_smile: Yah it’s our favorite thing at Musashi right now. It was a hidden gem I think because during their Grand Opening we noticed none of the tables ordering the Curry, but I’m glad we tried it.

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Wow! That katsu curry don is tasty. Loved everything about it.

But I think this tsukemen is just not for me. I didn’t mind then “fettuccine” style noodles, but I didn’t care for the broth. Veered way to far into the fishy side of things. In fact, the taste and mouthfeel had me wondering if they just dumped a bag of katsuoboshi into the broth and gave he whole thing a quick blend. I’m sure this is a failing of my palate and experience, but I’ll take Tsujita and Tsujita Annex over this 10 times out of 10.

But I’m dreaming if that curry.

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I went as well. Not too impressed by their tsukemen. The chashu (kakuni) was fine, not as tender as I would have like nor accustom to, noodles had a decent bite but prefer round noodles as they are easier to dip IMO. Egg was cooked good, wish it had more flavor. The broth was so so, I wish it had more balance, as stated by @frommtron it was more of a seafood taste with the pork flavor playing second fiddle. I always order side of nori, and there nori came out very flimsy, I am not sure what brand they use but it was not tender and did not have much flavor.

Also grabbed the curry katsu don, it was pretty good. The katsu was very thin and crunchy. I would have preferred a thicker piece of pork, the rice was excellent, nice and soft and slightly sticky. The curry was a tad sweet for me but not so much that it was bothersome. I wish it came with a bit of benny shoga.

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+1 - though, in all honestly, I don’t know that I have ever NOT felt that way.


Au contraire, I rather prefer the thin cutlet (I theorize that they use a meat tenderizer to pound the cut into submission on purpose before frying). If I wanted a thicker katsu, I’d go to kimukatsu just down the street.

IMO, with the katsu sauce and curry, the pork flavor gets lost from such a thin cutlet. Even without the curry and solely eaten with the katsu sauce, the pork flavor is barely apparent.

I did enjoy the potato chip like crispness, I just think to the dish to come together more for me, I like more pork flavor in each bite. I do feel a bit odd about critiquing a katsu dish at a ramenya joint though.

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Yes, when I first saw the cutlet, I initially thought that too. But my cutlet, thin as it was, was so intensely flavored that it proved to be the perfect canvas for the accompanying sauce. I guess YMMV. :slight_smile:

I ordered both the most basic tsukumen and the small katsu curry don.

I moved the kakuni over to the curry and ate like a boss.


Just got back after just getting the curry don bowl the first time.

This time got the $12 ramen and the $5 curry don bowl.

The katsu in the curry don was even better than the first time i got it, cooked so well and tender.


I have to say, that their ramen very well might be better than tsujita…it was so damn good. It was lighter and not as strong…much more complex all around and holy sh*t at the kakuni it was awesome :stuck_out_tongue: I REALLY liked it, best ramen i’ve had outside of Tsuta and Nakiryu in Tokyo.