Mexican Food in Europe

My son is visiting family and he may be getting homesick.

Tacos in Austria.

Huevos rancheros in London.


I was surprised to find some very good corn tortillas at an open market in Berlin in the mid-80s.

There is decent Mexican food now in different parts of Europe but there is so much other food you can’t get in the US on the same quality level. Which part of Austria is he visiting?

He was in Vienna. He also said he hasn’t seen any actual Mexicans, lol.

He was in Berlin for a few days, staying in his uncle’s city apartment, but mostly ate sausages and doner kebabs. It’s winter. :snowflake:

We had a friend who lived in a small village north of London. He had a nabe in the food distribution/import/whatever business. He had him get him all the fixings for a taco party. His nabes loved it. This was about 30 years.