Mexicano by Chefs Jaime & Ramiro - Dig it!

Thanks and good tips f’kers.

Noting dried beef is a popular filler too.

Thanks for the info

Thanks Dommy!

Another rec I must try, LOL. :smile: OK, Pipian for sure.

Exactly. Although I do understand that people miss their favorite foods when they move to LA (like good east coast bagel or clams w/ bellies)—but yes, enjoy LA for the expanse of regional Mexican cusine and Tucson for Sonoran.

@JJ—I did notice the dried beef during my last visit. I didn’t try any and for some reason I don’t remember dried beef from when I lived there.

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i enjoyed their veracruz filet lunch special today.
will be back

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Hi westsidegirl where is that special and what is it?
How’s sugar fish?

the special was on the lunch menu at MEXICANO restaurant in the baldwin hills shopping center.

very decent dish
very decent value
lovely service
lovely ambiance

definitely will be returning.


Thanks for the info westsidegal! :smile:

I’ll have to try that after the pipian next time.

We had some served on table in another spot that were at least 2 feet in diameter !

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WOW. I had a feeling this was your type of place but didn’t know if it was within your radius! Glad you enjoyed it, I can’t make it for the Lunch specials, but I have heard they were excellent.


actually, i want to go for DINNER.
i want to try all of their shrimp dishes and the shrimp dishes are only served during dinner.

my dining partner today (my Oaxacan friend) had the pork and ate every single morsel.

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I really like Jaime and Ramiro. I have always liked LA Casita. I was totally disappointed in their new restaurant. The food wasn’t up to participate and the service wasn’t very good. There was no one in the restaurant and we got lousy service.
I’m not in a hurry to go back.
I admire the work they do for charities, and I like them, but as I said before husband and I were very disappointed in the quality, portions and service.

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Glad you made it @paprkutr.


I did NOT dig it. Persuaded Cam the Man and The Woman In The Hat to go there, even though the drive was not wonderful. WANTED to believe the hype.

Service: bad, like mid-1990’s Silverlake hipsters’ bad, and that’s pretty dismal. An informal Mexican food and drink place should not conceivably require 20 minutes plus to bring someone a standard margarita at 6:30 pm on an f’ing TUESDAY, even during a “Happy Hour” . Actually arrived after Cam the Man had finished his soup (the best part of our dining experience.)

WITH’s Vericruz fillet was actually cold (not just not hot) in middle by time it arrived. When asked, finally, by server, if it was OK, she noted that it was cold, but then said, when asked if it could be taken away and re-done, “NO, actually, it’ll be FINE…”(Married men: you KNOW what THAT means). My tres moles were lukewarm, and my rice was cooler. Moles were OK, but not Rocio’s.

VERY disappointing. Either they were having one hell of an off-night, or if the Yelpers’ complaints are to be believed, they still REALLY need to get the management act together.

@Silverlakebodhisattv thanks for the report! Wow that sounds bad.

I haven’t been back since I went a few months ago, and it was during Lunch. It was maybe 40% full, and service was perfectly fine (and the food was piping hot).

Sorry to hear about that; did you try sending it back, or letting them know all your food was lukewarm or cold?

No way, after the WITH said “…it’s just FINE…”, that I was going to anything but cut my losses and run. We figured, actually, that the chance that we’d get the food back done RIGHT, within anything like a reasonable time was diminishing as the place filled up more.

We like La Casita Mexicana. Quality ingredients, quality cooking. The mole enchilada trio with cheese is really good. Delivery tonight was even more impressive than our in-person visits. I like this better than Rocio’s.

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From a trip last month to the La Casita on Gage. Stop here a few times a year with family, always great


Their chilaquiles is tops in the city. I cannot not order them.