Michael's Pizza on Beverly!

This for me is a massive improvement for our area.

A proper slice shop opened by a nice Armenian guy making beautiful looking pies in an Italian style take out / outdoor table set up.

They’re doing thin crust which is is leaning heavily toward the crunchy side of the Pizza Crunch to Chew Texture Scale (PCCTS ©). It’s a similar style to Joe’s but for me it’s better. Nice fresh zesty tomato sauce and regular mozza. Dough being the crunchy style doesn’t rise as much in the crust which.

I’m ecstatic myself as it’s across the street from the park my kid plays soccer at and very close to home, an under-served area for good pizza. The lackluster Prime has had a monopoly for too long

Bonus, they also opened a very slick looking bar/lounge next door where I’ll be passing a lot of time




Where on Beverly?


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been wondering about this place, thanks for update

Dude the bar looks righteous! Let’s grab a drink some day and make fun of the admins

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I’ll have to see if this will be my preferred slice place over prime.

Thanks for the update!!

I asked about this place in the “pizza by the slice” thread, as I drove past it last Sunday.

Don’t ask, stop! :slight_smile:

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Just stopped by and David compd me this slice.

Really damn good, they should have their website up on Monday. Way better than anything at Prime.



Went here a couple days ago, I think it is easily the best slice place in the neighborhood, at least as compared to prime and tomato pie (ugh).

The dough has a nice chew that really makes the slice feel substantial. The tomato sauce tastes like it is made from fresh tomatoes. I don’t know if that’s true, but it definitely had a lighter, brighter flavor that let more actual tomato shine through, as opposed to a place like prime that just tasted like cooked tomato sauce.

Included a shot of the underside, although I really have no idea what I’m looking for.

I went into the bar next door and got a couple of drinks too. The drinks were $15 ish and had lots of interesting ingredients and seemed well balanced, but of the three I ordered I couldn’t taste any booze.
I’m of the school that a cocktail should enhance the flavor of the alcohol not mask it and these tasted more like they were for people who don’t like drinking but want to get drunk.
That could change because I think it was literally their second day tho. IMG_6450 IMG_6451


yes tomato sauce is proper zesty… it’s supposed to be a raw sauce (passat) just canned tomato put through a food mill and lightly seasoned. their cheese could use a tweak but other than that i cant complain . not good on the drinks… i like them stiff too so would opt to just order what i want straight up or with a splash

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wonder who David is. the guy i was talking to had a dif name and was telling me it’s his spot. not important of course.

if you want good drinks in the area go to blue collar on fairfax


David was this young kid, prob the owners son or part of family.

All this pizza talk is giving me cravings. Pizzeria Mozza doesn’t always travel well and we’re working, no time for sit down. I see Michael’s website is not up yet. Any recs from your visits? My husband likes traditional tomato pies w/something porky. I like white (not creamy) pies w/different cheeses, shrooms, anchovies, olive oil, but am good with anything really. Thanks!

Okay, now we’re talkin’. Got this from Yelp.


Too much research not enough eating :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooooooh. Drool.

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For me the best test of a pizza place is a slice of cheese. That looks awesome!


Okay, okay… husband got the Pepperoni & Sausage, I got Sauce & Cheese and White w/Mozzarella, Ricotta, Shrooms & Olive Oil (no anchovies, but I have some), they didn’t have the Caprese. So, I actually like the red sauce more than the white pizza. It’s zesty & tomato-y like you guys described. I agree the cheese situation does need help.

I’m going to reserve judgement until another try. They reheat the slices unless you’re lucky enough to get them hot from the oven. This doesn’t bother me so much, that’s the nature of the slice biz. But I think it’s better to eat there or take it room-temp and reheat in toaster/oven at home. Otherwise you’re looking at a 2nd reheat and that didn’t turn out so well. :relaxed:

We also got a Cannoli. I’m sure desserts are not their main focus, but it was pretty good and big. The pastry was crisp, not soggy or chewy and it had a nice rich filling, maybe too thick and sweet for some, but I liked it.