Michael's Pizza on Beverly!

I prefer low moisture mozzarella for pizza. Don’t @ me :wink:

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Copy & paste this thread on an email and send it to them.

I actually thought there was regular whole mozzarella (not fresh) and a low moisture mozza. i was wrong i think. @Bigmouth


I wasn’t the one to actually go to Michael’s, so can’t judge the location. But in my slice experience you need a lot of foot traffic to do slice-only. Otherwise, you end up with experiences like @hungryhungryhippos. Plus, getting it hot out of the oven shouldn’t be a rarity, even for a slice place.

…Let’s keep watching. I’m rootin’ for them.

I stopped in today and got a couple of slices, one pepperoni and one white.

The white slice was from a pie that had been out of the oven not more than a 5 or so minutes. They dalloped the ricotta on the whole pie, pulled my slice out and gently warmed in the oven.

My pepperoni slice was from a cheese pizza that had been sitting there half gone and it looked like it had been there a while, though it did not look “old” at all. They did the usual like other places, applied the pepperoni and threw it in the oven.

I should preface by saying that generally I cannot stand reheated slices. I almost would rather have a lukewarm or cold slice then one that’s been reheated.

The cheese was abundant and stretchy on both of my slices.

The white slice ($4.00) was exactly what I expected. The crust was chewy, slightly crispy though the back rim was pretty crunchy. But it was nice and garlicky and cheesy.

The pepperoni ($3.50) was… well… a reheated pepperoni slice. It worked out OK for the majority of the slice but the back rim was too crunchy and I was afraid it would be not so good for my teeth :slight_smile: but I thought it was not quite as tasty as a reheated Prime slice and not as good as a fresh slice from Prime. I think Prime’s pepperoni, sauce and cheese are more flavorful. I would like to try a Michaels pepperoni pie fresh from the oven, as I think it would be MUCH better, given my experience with the fresher white pie.

BTW, the slices here are bigger than those at Prime.

If I lived in the area, I would absolutely frequent Michael’s and both of the guys there were super nice!!

(I’m going to post this in the “pizza by the slice” thread too.


How much are slices?


Now you’re talkin’

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They claim to open at 11:00 am. I went there this morning at 11:15 and was told the first slice would not be ready until 11:45. That’s pretty rum!





So their new cocktail lounge / maybe restaurant space is looking nice! They’re calling it Mixtape. I should dj there


is that the old BLD space?

Jay-Z backed resy.

Edit: You’re right Nemroz, Roc Nation is not involved.

Says no jay z involvement

But the dudes at Michael’s said it’s theirs… guess they sold it or lost it?

Well that was short lived lol.

CLOSED and I’m not surprised. They ran that place in a very weird way.


Good place. What was weird about how they ran it? Just curious ? ( though obviously it was enough to run them out of business.)

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It was pretty gross at times once the original guys pulled away and even they weren’t exactly clean freaks. Some questionable staff that appeared strung out. Bathroom was bad news. Just all sorts of things here and there that were problematic but I still liked having them around. May have had something to do with the spot Mixtape next door. They were telling me that’s their space when it was the original concept then suddenly everything changed. Either they sold it or the landlord leased to someone else.


Here’s one example: Their posted opening time is 11:00 am. I got there at 11:15 and was told there would be nothing available before 11:45!


Something called Totem Poultry is replacing the slice shop. Who knows what that might be?