Michelin California

Very interesting comments. Thanks.

Good observation.

Same reason why I feel that tasting menu only restaurants have the same advantage in consistently banging out great food. These restaurants only serve 60 covers a night and service is usually the easy part for them since they already spent the whole day prepping.

It doesn’t matter how good the cooks are, but if you need to serve a million covers night, chances are…you won’t be able serve great food on a consistent basis.


OTOH, Roy Choi has turned out some pretty good stuff on his Kogi Korean BBQ trucks.

I think that’s a pretty ignorant statement to say its easy for them to be consistent. When you have 10+ courses and one course runs late it can really screw up the timing of the rest of the menu. Also at 60 covers a night and if a tasting menu as even only 5 courses that’s 300 plates of food and numerous glasses of wine. As someone who’s worked on both ends of the spectrum its difficult on both ends but in different ways.


I never said it’s easy for them to be consistent. I said they have the advantage.

If you’re referring to me saying that “service is usually the easy part for them since they already spent the whole day prepping”, I’m basically quoting directing from a guy that worked at Californios and Singlethread and another guy from Quince. :roll_eyes:


I wouldn’t say its a perfect advantage, that all depends on if the prep is done right. Some chefs leave their prep crew to do alot of the work before they even show up and if they aren’t on top of their game and the chef doesn’t check every aspect there’s always a chance for something to not have been done right or properly. There could be over a hundred components that need to be inspected rather if someone is running a fast casual, super high volume operation it is easier to maintain quality control in some ways because there are less variables.

So McDonald’s should get a star?

At least two, because their consistency and replay value across each and every location is unparalleled.


3 in my book since it’s what locals eat.

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if FoHB isn’t a 3* dish I don’t know what is.

I do, the filet mignon at Stinking Rose.

On a serious note, their prime rib is delicious.

[quote=“moonboy403, post:191, topic:9812”] “service is usually the easy part for them since they already spent the whole day prepping”

I was most of the way through the menu at Commis before they actually cooked anything.

We need this here, truly McChelin material

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My experience at The Kitchen in SAC as well.

While I agree with your skepticism of the fetishization of “authenticity,” I can’t let this Mariscos Jalisco slander stand :slight_smile: The shrimp tacos, which is all you really should order there anyway, are still absolute heaven. Maybe not michelin starrable, whatever that means, but perfect.

No love for poseidon and mixta? :bomb::bomb::bomb:

The fault, dear Bibendum, lies not in your stars but in your inspectors.

Interesting piece on Eater LA today about Le Monde following some inspections in L.A. Would love it if there was a way to beat the paywall and the translation to English.