Michelin California

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Michelin inspectors eat at far more places than end up in the guide.

I think Bib Gourmand and The Plate are legit in that the places are always good. Do they contain what connoisseurs might recommend as the best restaurants that serve cuisines other than French, Frenchy, and Japanese? Mostly not.

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It’s not the end-all nor should it be. Fine dining? Certain foods? It’s terrific and reliable. If you’re talking about, say, dim sum, or Oaxacan, or or BBQ - you should look elsewhere. It don’t think that should be a criticism of the guide. I love fine dining, but I also love other kinds of food - which I look to other sources for guidance. But putting on a suit and giving my GF a chance to dress up and going to a restaurant where things are lovely, fussy and delicious? How much fun is that?

Warrior: I agree. The Michelin stars reliably identify restaurants with ultra-refined and meticulous cooking, which is best accomplished with smaller plates and course menus. But I’ve never met anyone who wanted to eat at such restaurants on a daily basis.

I’ve seen lots of posts online from people who, for example, come to the SF Bay Area for a week and eat at places with two or three Michelin stars every night.

Refined, meticulous cooking does not on small portions or lots of courses.

More the opposite. The more courses, the harder and more expensive it is to be consistent.