Michoacán specialist deep in Santa Ana.....Las Brisas De Apatzingan

I’m not sure how I found this place…

It’s kinda in a residential area of Santa Ana and not the best area to be perfectly honest. Yeah they got usual stuff but you should really be hitting up this Michoacán specials.

The thing to get here is the Pozole Verde. Very very hard to find here in So Cal! Might be the only place that does it.

Yes it comes with a plate of potato taquitos, radish, cabbage, onions, limes, a chile pepper, chiccharones, and some oregano and chile powder!
The result is a soulful homey bowl.

Aporreadillo. Meat with eggs (I think cecina) in a very tasty sauce. Comes with beans, rice, and handmade tortillas. The meat is a little tough, but the sauce and eggs are tasty. The tortillas is nice to make tacos with and to scoop up the sauce.

Slightly sweet with a little tomatillo sauce and sour cream. This was nice.

Michoacán is more than Carnitas!

What a wonderful meal. Service was sweet and a few of the ladies here do speak English.


Oh shit did I just one up Gustavo, Javier, and Bill Esparza???

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Oops Pozole Verde is actually on the Guerrero side of the menu.

I think there’s a lot of places that has pozole verde. In OC I go to Maruca’s Mexican Kitchen but I like their red one better


wOw -that looks legit.

Great info, @JeetKuneBao. Another place in SoCal that does green pozole (and very well) is “El Borrego” in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Call them in advance if you decide to check them out, because they don’t have it everyday. I did not know about Las Brias de Apatzingan, and I am excited to check it out.


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