Mind of a Chef: Season 4 - David Kinch, Gabrielle Hamilton

I’m really digging the latest season featuring David Kinch (Manresa) and Gabrielle Hamilton (Prune). Terrific source for excellent and accessible techniques.

Always been a huge fan of David Kinch since I first dined at Manresa back in '05.

A lot of the dishes in the Kinch segments are fussy and complex.

Yes a little involved, however ingredients are accessible and only requires fairly standard kitchen equipment. Relatively easily recreated by an enthusiastic home cook (not all of them… i.e the garden salad). Not bad compared to the stuff in my Noma and El Bulli cookbooks… fuggedabouit.

I enjoy the change of pace watching 3* chef cooking shows vs. just picking it up from cookbooks. Not enough content featuring them stateside - I think Eric Ripert’s series is the only one that comes to mind. Tired of the more prevalent noisy, over dramatized programming… Thank God for PBS