Mini Kagura Opening at Tokyo Central- Gardena

This morning I saw what is apparently the nearly finished location of tonkatsu specialist Kagura inside the food court at the Tokyo Central marketplace in Gardena. Don’t know when it’s opening, but the prices seem a lot more approachable than their other locations.


It’s worth paying the premium to eat at their restaurant…mortar & pestle your own sesame seeds for your tonkatsu sauce?!? Always yes!
But the idea of a quick service is super cool. If they do it with same precision, it’ll make the restaurant busier.
@Ted which Gardena location? On Artesia or the smaller one by Fukagawa?


Tokyo Central on Artesia, just off Western Ave

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Open! Didn’t try.


YAYAYAYAAY!!! I am there all the time, I really enjoy the new Omusubi stand inside the store… Also… Tokyo Central is a great place to get all of Meiji Tofu Items and they carry this UMAMI bomb to add to your curry… It’s a staple in our pantry… it’s essentially packets of caramelized onion…


The omusubi place is great! They have so many flavor options and the fried chicken isn’t too shabby.

No it’s not! When I’m in a hurry (which is always), I order a 4 piece… It’s a VERY generous 4 piece. :smiley: The Curry by the Cup is also quite good too!

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