Miro tonight--any recent diners?

I’m taking two friends to Miro tonight for a post-birthday celebration. I eat everything but shellfish, one friend avoids dairy.

Has anyone been lately, what are the thoughts? The lamb kofta and grilled octopus are both ringing my bell this morning.

Hi @cjla,

Have you seen @Porthos report?

First Report: Miro DTLA

Might help.

Let us know how it turns out. :slight_smile:

havent been yet, but I hear the whiskey bar downstairs is a must.

The upstairs space is lovely, and a two minute walk from the 7th Street Expo line. The downstairs has the whiskey room, and has the happy hour specials.

While I went for dinner last night, I went downstairs to use the facilities and look at the happy hour. The mood change from one floor to the next was dramatic, with the downstairs giving me a strong American Psycho vibe. There was a crowd of business bro’s all crowded by the staircase, and the downstairs is a dark space, with some pops of color. What pizza would Patrick Bateman order? Someone report back.

Upstairs my party of four split

Field green salad
A small plate of charcuterie
Grilled peach with sliced ham
Grilled octopus with chorizo
Daily special–pasta with lamb ragout

A couple of wines by the glass, and cocktails to start. It was pasable to good, not great. I’d return if it were someone else’s idea, and focus on the pasta.