Miyabi Uni replaces Maruhide Uni Club in Torrance

FYI, I reported this article on Eater, but I think FTC’ers would enjoy this news.

The place is basically the same, slightly higher prices it seems. I never went to Maruhide, but it was cool to check this out.


But the most important news on Eater today? Hallelujah!


I’m also super excited for this though it’s pretty far away from where I normally am


Yes! @MaladyNelson. I was super excited to hear about that! :slight_smile:

It’s always time for Pie! :slight_smile:

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@matthewkang I’m on the Westside, but I’ll gladly make a trek to La Brea for Nicole’s pies.

@Chowseeker1999 Isn’t this such great news! And pie is absolutely appropriate for any meal. My husband gently teases me about my pie obsession.

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