Modern Chinese Cuisine Steeped in Tradition, but Accessible to a Wider Audience and New Generation – Succulent Roasted Pork Shoulder Char Siu, Supple Hainan Chicken Rice, Outrageous Pork Chop Buns and More! – Needle and Pearl River Deli [Thoughts + Pics]

The Char Siu sure looks good today @Chowseeker1999!

How is an American Ham so much better than the American notion of a Ham?

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Hi @TheCookie,

Ah. :smile: I meant the typical notion (growing up as a kid, a “Ham Sandwich” (boring, salty lunch meat Ham)). :wink: Even the usual holiday Spiral Cut Hams are… not so good. I loved this dry-aged one that Chef Johnny was using!

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HA! That is exactly the stuff we would use for our Fried Rice growing up… Holiday ham freezes well so there was never any shortage of it in our freezer… especially when the post easter/thanksgiving/christmas sales hit…


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Nice! :smile:

Yah we haven’t tried this Dry-Aged Ham that Chef Lee was using for the Yunnan Fried Rice today, but it’s a nice flavor! You should give a try next time. So glad you loved the Housemade Wontons, really good, right? :blush:

Haha… I get it. No Virginia Hams in your past. :grin:

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@Chowseeker1999 I booked my order for tomorrow. I need to add the dry noodles with wontons now. What deli items did they have?

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Thai green curry with shrimp balls and eggplant (from the deli fridge) was very good last week. Liked the plate clean.
@Chowseeker1999 did a write-up on it higher up in the thread.


Hi @attran99,

Nice! :slight_smile: They have:

Radish Kimchi
Meat Zhongzi
Vegetarian Zhongzi
Mapo Kit (Tofu + Sauce)
Mapo Sauce Only
Meiji Tofu Only
Green Curry (Shrimp Ball, Thai Eggplant)
Panang Curry (Beef,Potato)

(And the 2 new Ice Teas - HK Milk Tea and Prunella Herb Tea - get the Prunella Herb Tea!) :slight_smile:

For Deli Case items, consider the Thai Green Curry (you can ask them to heat it up for you ready to eat if you prefer eating immediately and if they aren’t that busy). The Mapo Tofu is fantastic, but I think you’ve had it before? :slight_smile:


I gotta try that mapo. The only thing stopping me is that mapo is one of our regular meals at home. I don’t want to be unfaithful… Maybe I will make a secret visit and pay in cash. #nopapertrail


@Chowseeker1999 comparing notes!



We make Mapo at home… I even ordered those special fermented Broadbeans… GET THE MAPO Sauce PRD… you won’t regret it… I’ve picked up everytime that I’ve been…


Hi @Dommy,

! They’re selling fermented Broadbeans (in the deli section) to go with the Mapo Tofu? I didn’t know this was an item to order. The flavors work well together? Thanks. :slight_smile:

No they don’t have it there… It was meant to point out that, I have the ingredients to make really good MaPo at home and I still just get PDR’s carry out sauce everytime I go. :slight_smile:


I haven’t done the Mapo set, yet. That’s actually not something that I’m super familiar with. It’s on my list to try.
I picked up the panang curry and the chicken marinade…and a couple of sparkling waters. Thanks!

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All right. I am gonna make it happen some time over the next couple weeks.

Hi @attran99, @Starchtrade,

Ah, yes, surprisingly Chef Lee’s Mapo Tofu (even though it’s not a Hong Kong dish) is outstanding in flavor. Worth a try, although maybe after it gets below 100 degrees. :slight_smile:


This weekend’s bang bang cold noodles special is one of the most perfect lunches for a humid and hot day. You know it’s serious when you sweat just walking from your parked car to the grocery store entrance.
It was time for lunch and I was saving the bang bang noodles just for this. Cool, crisp cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, wheat noodles, and chicken mixed with a delightful spiced sesame sauce. That sesame sauce packs so much flavor…there’s not a whole lot of it but it seasoned everything perfectly. I may have used some of yesterday’s HCR chili sauce to pump up the heat. A lychee sparkling water from the PRD cold case made my afternoon very enjoyable.


Hi @attran99,

Thanks for the report back! The new bang bang cold noodles sound perfect for this weather. :slight_smile:

But what is this lychee sparking water?! That sounds amazing right now in this heat. I never saw it listed on the menu. Is it something they make in house, or a local brand? Thanks.


Sanzo is being marketed as the first Asian-inspired sparkling water…you know, a la Le Croix…but Asian fruits. PRD added this brand which also includes mango and one other flavor I forget. They’ve also added a sparkling Yuzu drink, too. So good on a hot day…especially if you decide to sit in their patio.


Gai Yang marinated wings from last week