Modernist Cuisine Gallery

Modernist Cuisine opened their newest gallery in La Jolla recently. Anybody been yet (or visited any of the other locations)?

Very nice from the art perspective, if somewhat (or maybe a lot) off-topic here.

I’d like to hear opinions of San Diego restaurants, and favorite menu items.

Food photography = food related = close enough.

Are you saying it’s very nice because you visited it or just because it seems cool?

I did think about putting this thread in the non-regional section but I was curious if:

  1. They do anything specifically different in San Diego
  2. If it might spark a comment from anyone else had been there and had any recommendations about what to eat nearby. I’ve read the La Jolla thread but it just seemed quite possible someone went here and made a day of it.

Also, since I haven’t been to the location myself I was wondering if it is just an art gallery or if they do/exhibit anything else. Modernist Cuisine puts so much effort into food innovation but their mailing list is sadly so rarely sent out there would be no way of knowing if they held food events or similar at the gallery. Heck, I had to find out this opened by checking up periodically for a year.

thanks for posting, I hadn’t heard anything about this

No problem, I’m looking forward visiting and hitting up a bunch of places to eat on the way!

I still haven’t made it out to the gallery but apparently they’re having some kind of event next month if anyone’s interested. A little far for me but hopefully someone can report back!

I’d totally forgotten that I’d replied to this until just now and completely missed your response back in July.

The answer to your question is: I thought it was “very nice” because “it seems cool”, as you suggested.

Well, it appears to be sold out at this point. I does look like it would be an interesting display–that would inspire some local food exploration. If you’re not familiar with La Jolla, I’d suggest not missing Michelle Coulon’s little cafe for a slice of cake and maybe a bowl of traditional French Onion soup.