Modo Hawaii Popup @ Mitsuwa Torrance

Literally zero line the two times I went to Mitsuwa in Waikiki. Really great chew and good flavors. Better than Fill Bakeshop which is my only comparison.

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We got all three flavors - churro, lilikoi, and chocolate. All three are really good.


These are the flavors they have in Waikiki. These donuts are awesome.


Hot damn these were tasty. The raspberry was definitely the highlight.


I’m gonna try to go in the morning sometime this weekend (it’s a little bit of drive down to Torrance for me, so I can only go on weekends)…how’s the line usually around opening time?


feeling too old for pop-up nonsense… no line at Kansha

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I tried going to Kansha about 5 times.
Admittedly, it was always later in the night (after dinner), but EVERY TIME they were sold out of their ice creams.
I gave up.

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the matcha parfait at Kansha…so good.

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oh weird. we’ve only been during the day.

FWIW, there was zero lines when I went on Thursday around 3pm. Walked up and had my donuts in less than a minute

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Kansha so good. Go early.

Modo x Sidecar x Kansha x Chantilly x King’s Hawaiian pre-post lunch/pre dinner dessert bang^5???

(1) Pre lunch at King’s Hawaiian for french toast and plain malasada.

Lunch at Nozomi for sushi lunch deluxe

Post lunch/Pre dinner
(2) Modo mochi donuts
(3) Sidecar donuts
(4) Chantilly black sesame cream puff
(5) Kansha black sesame ice cream

Dinner at Torimatsu for yakitori course


You forgot Nagomi Cake House

That’s a impressive day of work!

The only thing I would add to this most impressive list is mochi at Chikara. You are a legend.

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But since you’re at Chikara already, might as well bang x bang 2 stores down and get Sakura-Ya’s Handmade Mochi as well! So @A5KOBE can eat 7 dessert places in 1 run, and lunch and dinner. :stuck_out_tongue: (That’s @J_L @PorkyBelly level bang x bang now.) :wink:


LoL might as well. YOLO!

Went on Saturday. Got there around 1 pm and was expecting a long line but we only waited about 15 minutes which is not bad.

From the top: coconut sugar, lilikoi (passionfruit) and honey glaze. I liked them all. The honey glaze didn’t taste strongly like honey though. It kind of tasted like the glaze you get on a glazed raised donut but less sweet and slightly floral. Coconut sugar only had a hint of coconut.

The texture and chew on these is really good though. Wish it was closer to me (or maybe not because my husband and I ate all 6 in one day).


King’s Hawaiian apparently also started making mochi donuts…

I’ll have to check that out sometime. King’s Hawaiian is hit or miss but I’m always down to try a donut.