Mogu Mogu Curry Mazemen is my favorite noodle of 2019

Hands down. I love this place.


Every time try and go something end up happening Either they are closed (it was a Monday i think ) or i came at 11am and they don’t open until 1130.

need to try again. Really sounds up my alley

I def recommend it, too (and I drove by once after 11:30AM on a weekday, and it was closed, so maybe they have odd hrs). Haven’t tried the curry mazemen but don’t doubt it’s excellent. Had the brothless dan dan mien at Killer Noodle (I know, different animal), but I found it pretty clunky and wished I had gone to Mogumogu instead.

I wanted to love it. Mazemen is my favorite Ramen style, but it just fell flat for me. Especially after having the amazing Mazemen at Iki Ramen. I have yet to try the Mazemen at Menya Henabi… but I hope so soon.

Deluxe Mazemen

Curry Mazemen


I actually went today and had the curry. I thought the noodles were great almost like an udon with great chew. Over all i thought it was really good. But I’ve yet to go to Iki so i don’t have that to compare

Iki’s Mazemen is quite different, it’s two seafood or chicken. I prefer the chicken. It’s better balanced than Mogu Mogu and the noodles are much better… I can lick the bowl clean at Iki and then order another…

Tori Mazemen at Iki

Noodle Shot


Haven’t tried that and always respect your recs. Once I get past fumigation, will hopefully have some time! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the rec. Just tried it yesterday, really enjoyed it and will be back.

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